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As I sit down to write this I'm thinking about the recent SOTU address given by Barack Obama and his comments regarding the negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the president’s threats to Republicans to veto any new sanctions against the Iranians.


Barack Obama has previously used ‘tough talk’ against the Iranians, admonishing Iran not to misjudge America’s commitment to preventing a nuclear Iran. Unfortunately, considering the complete lack of respect that the Iranian leadership has for Mr. Obama and for America in general, the 'tough talk' clearly has fallen on deaf ears.

So that people understand what we’re dealing with, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been at war with the United States for thirty years, and for the most part with little if any consequences for their aggressive posture. Countless Americans both military and civilians have died at the hands of Iranians and their proxies over these decades. Countless more will die in the future.

Iran is committed not just to the departure of the U.S. from the Middle East, but to the complete destruction of our nation and society. In Iran's eyes we are a weak and decadent people, ‘the Great Satan’. The Iranian leadership views us as a nation of weaklings and deviants who are unwilling and incapable of stopping the Iranian worldwide revolution which is underway.

The leadership of Iran has been patient and willing to conduct the type of war against us that they have been pursuing for the past three decades, completely convinced in their ultimate victory.


And why shouldn't they be convinced ? In the past thirty years over several American presidential administrations they have witnessed a complete lack of commitment on the part of the U.S. to confront them. They have seen American presidents from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama wring their hands not knowing how to stop the Iranian threat.

So what is the ultimate goal of Iran ? The short and simple answer is that they are committed to spreading their Islamic Revolution around the world. The Iranian leadership of 'Twelvers' believe that a cataclysmic event will hasten the return of their revered 12th Imam who disappeared several hundred years ago.

They not only wish for an event to occur but are actively pursuing the types of policies that will create the cataclysm which will bring about the return of the 12th Imam. And according to their beliefs once the 12th Imam returns Islam will spread around the world.

And what will happen then ? Americans will either embrace the Iranian Islamic faith or be destroyed or enslaved. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and all other religions will no longer exist. The only religion that will be tolerated is the Muslim faith, governed by the Iranian version of Sharia Law. Democracy ? A thing of the past. Democracy is inconsistent with Islam. Your life will be controlled by Mullahs who will monitor every aspect of society ready to step in and condemn anything they decree to be 'un-Islamic'.


How will our culture be affected ? Hollywood better watch out ! No performance of any sort that is also viewed by the ruling Mullahs as 'un-Islamic' will be allowed. Homosexuality ? A death sentence. Islam clearly states that homosexuals should be killed.

Iran even held a rally of support for the so-called ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement a few years ago. One wonders why they would have such an interest in these and other protests occurring across the U.S. They certainly could care less about economic or racial fairness. In their economic world view fairness for 'infidels' is again inconsistent with Islam. Islam teaches that the property of infidels can be taken freely and without consequence. Islam allows one to lie, cheat and steal from any infidel.

So where do we go from here ? We must confront Iran to stop them cold in their tracks. Or we surrender now, there is no third choice. Negotiations with Iran will be fruitless since Iran will agree to anything they think will buy them more time while they continue to pursue their goals, while having absolutely no intention of abiding by any agreement. Remember, Islam allows Muslims to lie, cheat and steal from infidels.


Wake up America. It’s time to choose what you want for your children and your grandchildren's future. A world dominated by Iran and its extremist Mullahs ? Or an America that continues to flourish as a beacon of freedom, hope and tolerance ?

Enough with the veto threats, it’s time to face a hard truth. Iran cannot be trusted to give up their nuclear ambitions and no ‘agreement’ will be worth the paper it’s written on. ‘BiBi’ Netanyahu understands, and that is why America so desperately needs to listen to him carefully when he addresses Congress in March.

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