Sanctions on North Korea? Who Cares.

Posted: Jan 06, 2015 12:01 AM

In a display of resolve the Obama Administration announced new sanctions, a “proportional response”, directed against the government of North Korea in response to the North Korean dictatorship’s recent reported cyber-attack involving senior executives of the SONY Corporation.

In a country where the citizens have been eating dirt for years because of the communist regime’s policies, such a response by Barack Obama will clearly have no impact on the North Korean dictatorship’s behavior.

Aside from the bluster of their ‘official statements’, the rogue regime simply isn’t very concerned about U.S. sanctions. They will just find ways to skirt any additional sanctions as they have all the previous imposed measures intended to ‘modify’ North Korean conduct.

The sanctions may have only a limited effect anyway as North Korea is already under U.S. and international sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs. Any hardships as a result will be felt more by the North Korean people, and not the ruling oligarchy. New sanctions will only play into the ongoing North Korean propaganda attacks about “American aggression”.

Barack Obama’s ‘tough stance’ in response to the recent Cyber-attack, one which after more investigation may not even have involved North Korea, is simply a public relations ploy intended to show an Obama Administration standing tall and fully engaged in national security affairs and international relations. Our adversaries know full well that Barack Obama is “focused like a laser” on domestic issues during the last two years of his administration.

In an unexpected gesture North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un recently extended an invitation to neighboring South Korea to engage in talks “at the highest levels”. While somewhat encouraging it may just be an attempt by the Korean communist regime to undercut any further American actions.

But considering the Obama Administration’s desperate desire to achieve some sort of notable foreign policy success before he leaves office in 2016. Don’t be surprised if Barack Obama and his inept foreign policy team latch onto this ‘conditional’ offer for talks as an opportunity to add North Korea to Cuba and Iran, on the president’s list of foreign policy “successes”.