Terrorism’s Best Recruiter

Posted: Dec 17, 2014 12:01 AM

The penalty for aiding and abetting terrorists is “ten years to life”. Whether California’s Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein should be fitted for prison stripes has become a legitimate question among intelligence and counterterrorism officers in the last couple of weeks .

With her politically motivated release of the hatchet-job report on the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Program, Feinstein has quickly become the person most likely to increase terrorist recruitment overseas, as well as right here in the United States. Thus “aiding and abetting terrorists”.

For purely political motives Feinstein chose to release a highly partisan report, knowing full well that a pliant media would recognize it as an opportunity to once again try to discredit the CIA and the George W. Bush Administration’s war on terror, by sensationalizing the contents of the publication and thereby killing two birds with one stone: Taking some heat off of Barack Obama and his administration’s pitiful record in the War on Terror, and helping to fire up the Democratic base for the 2016 election.

The fact that the report might serve as a recruiting tool for radical Islam was apparently considered by Feinstein, but was summarily dismissed since the political gain for Democrats was considered worth the potential risks to Americans who might be killed by terrorists upset over the allegations described within the report.

The California senator wrapped her tome inside a cloak of righteous indignation, claiming some sort of moral and ethical standing, when the reality is that Senator Feinstein and all the senior congressional leadership were fully briefed on the EIT effort on numerous occasions during the time those techniques were being used. Their curious memory lapses notwithstanding.

As a result of Feinstein’s political ploy American lives have been put at risk. Not simply those traveling or working overseas, but as we have unfortunately learned to be a distinct possibility, by potential ‘lone wolf attacks’ right here on ‘Main Street, U.S.A.’

Already radical Islamic groups have cited the report as a ‘call to action’ against the United States, using it as yet another recruiting tool. First the Abu Graib abuses, which were broadcast around the world over and over again, and now Senator Feinstein’s report. All released with fanfare, and used not just by terrorists as a recruitment tool, but by Democrats for political gain.

Whether intentional or not the release of Feinstein’s report recruits more terrorists to Jihad, and will likely result in yet more innocent Americans becoming victims of radical terrorists who passionately hate America, and all that we stand for. And Feinstein will have succeeded in becoming radical Islam’s best recruiter, prison stripes or no prison stripes.