The Left Suppresses the Truth of Trump’s Successes

Posted: Feb 08, 2018 12:01 AM
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The Left Suppresses the Truth of Trump’s Successes

The suppression of the truth.

 While it’s generally never a good idea under any circumstances, it’s especially troubling when it’s done with the deliberate intent to keep good news from the American people.

For reasons of ideology, partisanship, anger, hate, spite, greed and even irrational and incapacitated thought, Democrat “leaders,” the mainstream media, Hollywood and academia are working as one to suppress the truth.

Isn’t that the very definition of “Collusion?”

The number one truth they are seeking to suppress being that President Donald Trump is succeeding across the board and that his policies are in fact having a positive impact in a number of areas.  Most especially in the economic and job sectors.

If history teaches us anything, it’s that the suppression of the truth is the number one tactic of totalitarian regimes.

The elites who have prospered over the years and decades from their totalitarian group-think policies never want the people to know the truth. They never want the people to think for themselves.  They never want the people to question them. They never want the people to see the lives of luxury and benefits they take for themselves thanks to their suppressive, subversive and selfish policies.

 Until Donald Trump came to Washington, D.C. with a mega-spotlight and a truck full of rat-poison, life for the liberal elites – along with the elites from the Republican entrenched establishment – was great.

Now, thanks to President Trump shining that light and baiting the rat-traps, the “unwashed masses” are getting a glimpse of the raw truth and the elites are in a full-blown panic.

No matter what charges the Democrats, the mainstream media Hollywood, academia and the Never-Trumpers fabricate and then spread about him, he continues to advance his policies.

Policies which are dramatically improving the lives of working Americans and their families.

A truth which should be sung from the rooftops is being systematically buried and denied by those who need to keep the American people in misery so they can reap the benefits of their corruption and unethical consolidation of power.

Don’t the Democrats, the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia and the Never-Trumpers want unemployment to be lower?  Don’t they want historic employment numbers for minority Americans?  Don’t they want billions of dollars in bonuses to be paid to American workers?  Don’t they want mega-corporations to bring their factories and money back to the United States?  Don’t they want ISIS to be eradicated from the face of the earth? Don’t they want sovereign and secure borders?  Don’t they want a better and more stable health-care system?

Has their demented hatred of Donald Trump driven them all to the point where they need Americans – most especially those living near or below the poverty line -- to suffer so they can feel better at their next awards show, retreat, or behind the walls of their gated and luxurious homes?

Isn’t telling the truth job-one for the mainstream media?

Isn’t the suppression of the truth carried out by the obedient and fawning propagandists in police states?

Other than a few far-left inhabited wealthy zip codes, the vast majority of voters have zero interest in the concocted myths of “Russian collusion,” the fantasies of impeachment, or the spreading of personal rumors.


 They care only about keeping their jobs, a better life for themselves and their children, and a safer and more secure nation, and not being oppressed and played for fools by the elites.

The American people are indeed “dreamers” as well, and one of their continuing dreams being not to be oppressed and played for fools by the elites.

The suppression of the truth is never a good idea.