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Pablo Martinez Monsivais

“Please give me money before my critical ‘end of arbitrary date’ deadline,” reads damn near every fundraising email from various wings of the Democrat Party. It’s gotten so pathetic you almost feel sorry for them, then you realize they’re bad people conning suckers out of their hard-earned money and you care a little less. Still, they do a lot of damage to the fabric of the country with that money, so it’s worth nothing, if only in the hope that some of those suckers wise up, if only just a little, and stop funding emotional terrorism. 

There are few groups on the face of the Earth more pathetic than the Democrat Party and all its appendages. Which appendages these off-shoots are I’ll leave to you, just know they are dangly parts very sensitive to kicking. And each of those kickable parts needs money – lying to the American people, brainwashing people to vote against their own interests with the promise of a little bit of government money while perpetuating the carnage found in Democrat-controlled American cities isn’t cheap!

To achieve this goal you have to lie, and I mean really lie. 

A new fundraising email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this week elevated the left’s willingness to lie to an art form. 

With the subject line, “kiss EVERYTHING goodbye,” written exactly that way because they communicate like a panicked 14-years-old girl afraid her boyfriend likes someone else, the DCCC attempts to dive into the wallets of morons.

It opens, “Kamala Harris emailed you. Hakeem Jeffries emailed you. Jaime Harrison emailed you. Maxine Waters emailed you. Maxwell Alejandro Frost emailed you. Suzan DelBene emailed you. Lucy McBath emailed you. And now we’re emailing -- AGAIN, Derek -- because with just 15 hours left before our CRITICAL End of Week Deadline, things have taken a dire turn.”

The first three names on the list make sense – the Vice President, the Minority Leader in the House, and the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. But the rest? 

Maxine Waters is a piece of garbage who represents a safe district and pays her kid a fortune for “campaign work” that doesn’t need to be done, she’ll win no matter what. It’s money laundering in accordance with corrupt law. Max Frost is the theoretically male AOC, who transformed from “Sandy Cortez” to “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” when needing to appeal to indoctrinated dumb people who’d bought into the left’s identity politics. They toss in the middle names so people don’t think he’s just black, he’s also Hispanic! The more boxes a leftist checks on the food pyramid of leftist victimhood the more credibility they have with dumb people.

The other two, Suzan DelBene and Lucy McBath, I had to look up. I thought maybe the DCCC was going to have some kind of all black race-based appeal, but Suzan DelBene is an old white lady. Both are insignificant back-benchers, as is Frost. So why pick them? Who would open an email from either of them?

Well, DelBene is Chair of the DCCC, but McBath is nothing. They are seemingly chosen at random. And the emails they’ve “sent” were completely unrelated to each other. One was about the Postmaster General and the left’s hatred of him, others were generic victim politics pap. 

“Fox News has revealed that a top GOP dark money group just released some of their FIRST attack ads of the entire election -- and unloaded $2 MILLION to defeat 14 of our most vulnerable Democrats!!” the email continues. “EXCUSE US?! Our Democratic leaders know this latest news could spell DOOM for our chances of winning back the House. That’s why they’re calling on 15,500 of our very best grassroots Democrats to rush in $3 before midnight to help us close the gap on our mission-critical End of Week goal.”

Somehow $46,500 in $3 increments will be able to counter $2 million, or something. 

But my favorite part is the declaration of their “mission-critical End of Week goal.” You mean the fate of the 2024 election hangs on $46,500 raised almost 2 years before anyone votes? My God, STOP THE PRESSES! 

This sort of appeal only works on dumb people. But it can only be concocted and employed by people who view their base as dumb enough for this to work on. That’s how Democrats view their base of supporters. I don’t know that they’re wrong, but I was one of them and it sure wouldn’t sit right with me.


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