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One of the things most people do after an election is taking a break from politics, even if only a short one. Anyone can reach overload and need some time off to chill out. But Democrats can’t take a break, they can’t let their base exhale. Outraged is where they need their voters to live, and how they need them to be all the time. If they took a moment to stop being angry, scared, or just simply freaked out, they might think for a second and the entire house of cards for the left would collapse. Democrats can’t risk that, so they keep the terror turned up to 11 all the time.

There are riots in Atlanta and not a single Democrat gives a damn. Violent progressive Brownshirts are trying to kill police officers because a police officer put down a BLM/ANTIFA mutant trying to kill him. I’ll take the side of cops 11 times out of 10 in that situation. 

But Democrat enforcers don’t like to lose one of their own – losing a member of the unshowered riot squad drains an already shallow dating pool. If you’re a violent goon for the Democratic Party, the odds of you having taken a cousin whose parents owed yours a big favor to your prom are very high, and your prospects for non-family reunion dating haven’t improved much since then. Of course, you’re angry. 

If you birthed one of these piles of garbage you are a bad parent. Sorry if that hits close to home for someone you care about, but either you didn’t notice your kid turning into a mindless left-wing drone or you support the idea. Either way, I don’t care. Get control of your kid or cut them off financially and change the locks so they can’t rip off things to sell to keep their radicalism afloat.

I say this as someone who grew up next to a lovely couple of had one of their kids turn into a crackhead. He shows up, straight-ish, for a little while, then steals the TV or something and disappears again for a while. We had keys to their house (they were older and locked themselves out more than anyone would’ve thought), and we were always told never to let Roger in, no matter what. And he tried. They forgave him more times than they should have. 

Our neighbors were very good people, they were just bad parents with this one son (the other two were fine). They let him go too wild and after a while, it was too late to pull him back in. 

None of the parents of these mutants are surprised by what happened to their kids unless they simply aren’t paying attention. Neck tattoos, wearing all black (while not being Goth), being angry about everything, and blaming society for all of it are sure signs that someone on the left is grooming your kid. 

Take a look at what they’re reading. If they live in your house, snoop. Sure, “It’s their room,” but it’s your house. Are you going to let the smell of weed or cooking meth slide into your house because it’s behind a locked bedroom door? Rabid left-wing politics are just as destructive to the mind as anything Walter White ever cooked up on Breaking Bad. 

So as you watch what’s happening in Atlanta know that it’s happening there only because the opportunity arose for it to happen there. It will happen anywhere the chance presents itself, that’s how the left works. And while you may not live near Atlanta, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting involved, something will happen close enough to you where your kid can be involved. It won’t be real, it doesn’t have to be – “hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie, George Floyd’s blood was full of fentanyl, etc., the reality is not a requirement for an opportunity for the Democrat Party. 

The only way we win is if they lose, and the surest way to make them lose is to cut off the supply of soldiers for them. That’s our kids, the children of normal people corrupted by teachers, professors, co-workers, pop culture, and whatever. And the best, and only, way to do that is to pay attention and snap them back the second they even show a hint of this poisonous philosophy. 


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