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AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Democrats love the word “historic.” They fling it around the way monkeys fling their…what Democrats bring to the cities they control. “This person is historic,” that person is “historic,” etc., etc. These people love themselves so much they likely name every bowel movement so they have a name to engrave on a plaque declaring how historic the meal that made it was. But nothing and no one is as historic (in all of those ways and more) than Nancy Pelosi, and she’s ending 2022 as disgustingly corrupt and gross as she began it.

All year, Nancy Pelosi has been begging and conning dumb Democrats out of their hard-earned cash or to go deeper into credit card debt to fund her continued ambitions. Now, as he embraces what is truly historic about her – one of the very few people to lose a House majority twice (and the first woman to do it) – she isn’t about to end the con, there’s simply too much money in it.

In just the month of December, and it’s the 25th as I type this, I have received 27 emails from Pelosi’s campaign. If you’re wondering why a campaign, especially one in a completely safe district with a retiring Member, would be sending more than one fundraising email per day, you are not alone. The answer is pretty simple: Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to have to pay for her lifestyle, she wants to use a political action committee and its money to do it.

Barack Obama did it, turning his campaign into a scam PAC used to pay for so much of his life. The Clintons founded charities to do it, which is slightly more gross, but that’s only because their donors weren’t cult-like in the way Obama’s are, so they needed the cover of “pure” charity rather than the scam charity of “organizing.” A scam is still a scam, whether you’re just paying for your life or giving a tax credit along the way.

Nancy isn’t in the tax credit stage, at least not yet. As a current Member of Congress she still has something to sell, even if only as a backbencher. So she’s regularly emailing her campaign list hoping to bilk those suckers out of a few more dollars, because…why not? If you were dumb enough to sign up (and maybe even give her money) in the past, you’re probably dumb enough to give to her in the future. 

And when I say “dumb” I mean dumb.

One email reads, “$24. That’s the average contribution from my grassroots donors this year. – $24 to stand up against Republican extremism across the country. $24 to elect INCREDIBLE Democrats up and down the ballot. $24 to DEFY history, WIN the Senate, and keep the House as close to 50-50 as ever. $24 doesn’t sound like a lot. But when regular folks like you rally to stand up for Democratic progress, we can achieve what pundits called impossible. That’s why I’m asking you today if you’ll chip in $24 to renew your 2023 Democratic Membership and help Democrats defy all expectations in BACK-TO-BACK elections so we can finish the work we’ve started. Will you join me?”

Talk about election denial, the idea that Democrats “won” after losing the House is the ultimate in it. It’s also what I suspect will be the new talking point, a constant refrain on MSNBC to justify Democrat obstructionism.

Another Pelosi email reads, “I’m grateful for you, for helping us deliver our legislative accomplishments For The People. But believe me when I say our work is not yet finished. That’s why my 2023 Democratic Membership Drive couldn’t be more important. In order to continue the work we’ve started and make this the ERA of Democratic progress, we need to retake the House and build impenetrable pro-Democracy Majorities. My End of Year Deadline is just 8 days away — but I see you still haven’t had a chance to make a donation and renew your Democratic Membership. So I’m asking you personally if you’ll chip in $15 or whatever you can before midnight to confirm your status as a 2023 Democratic Member. It would truly mean the world to me.”

That was sent the day after the other one – so asking for $15 just after asking for $24. She is relentless, and not about to let reality or hypocrisy stand in the way her ambitions. In many ways that is to be admired about her, as is her willingness to suicide dozens of her Members in 2010 to push Obamacare. She sacrificed her first Speakership for the left’s agenda. Republicans won’t sacrifice anything for, well, anything.

That way might be the only way in which Pelosi is admirable. In all others, just gross.


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