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Everyone has seen someone with some sort of tic, something they can’t help themselves from doing. That is understandable compared to how liberals are – they can control themselves, stop themselves from doing something stupid, but choose not to. This the story of one such thing.

If you’re under 50 but older than 25 or so, Harry Potter has been a part of your life. The degree to which it impacted you is dependent upon how much you were into wizards and such, if you played Dungeons and Dragons, you were probably very excited about each new book and movie. I wasn’t into any of it at first, the movies were more kids movies than anything of interest to my younger, cynical self. I was too old to buy into it and too young be able to set aside my cynicism and enjoy them. 

By the end, however, I’d come around. While I never read the books (wizards and whatnot have never really been an interest to me), the last 3 or 4 movies I did see in the theater and enjoyed them. Retroactively, I enjoyed the older movies too, and suspect my kids will when they get a little bit older. 

Never once did I stop to think about the politics of anyone involved – from the actors, directors, to the author, I couldn’t care less. The only thing I cared about is the only thing I care about when it comes to these sorts of things: is it any good? And they are.

While they all used to be celebrated by people on all sides of the political fight, to one degree or another, now they’re not. There was a tiny fringe pushing years ago that the books were dangerous because they promoted witchcraft, which faded quickly. What is going after the Potter franchise now is much larger and far more dangerous to everyone’s liberty than a few people looking for attention – these people mean it, it’s what they do with their lives.

The people I’m talking about now are the committed leftists who marinate in cancel culture, who live to destroy, who likely don’t even really care about the issues they pretend to be so upset by, it’s just for show.  

I’m writing, of course, about the attempted character assassination of JK Rowling, the creator of all things Potter. 

A couple of years ago, the liberal Rowling made some statements that are only “controversial” to people who’ve been coddled their whole lives – she basically said that biology exists and is real in regards to gender. She never once said someone insisting they are the opposite of reality should be treated any type of way, she’s generally sympathetic to trans issues. But the idea that men can become women just by declaration is as absurd to her as it should be to everyone.

The mob has been trying to destroy her ever since.

It’s one of the dumbest things ever, really. Not only because they’re insanely making things up, but also because there is literally no way the mob can do anything to her. She’s got so much money that they’ll never be able to impact her, so she has the freedom to dig in her heels. To her credit, she has. She’s been unrelenting in her embrace of biological reality, which drives the left even crazier. They can’t stand it when what they don’t like continues to exist.

Now, because they never stop, The Insider ran a piece entitled, “There is no good way to introduce 'Harry Potter' to the next generation.” Of course, there is a good way – just introduce them to it. But leftists can’t leave anything, or anyone, alone. 

“These comments weren't her first foray into transphobia,” The Insider declared. “In addition to liking a couple of offensive tweets in 2018, she also tweeted in 2019 in support of a British woman who was fired over making transphobic comments.” 

Imagine having so few problems in your life that you have time to fuss over things like this? More pathetically, imagine being genuinely upset by something like Rowling’s support for a woman who was fired for stating that biological gender is real

As it is in so much of life, it’s one thing to have these thoughts, fleeting as most are, but it’s a different level of insanity to think, “The world needs to hear this.” Everyone has random thoughts, most people experience dumb thoughts from time to time, too. Most people don’t try to make decisions based on them or policy, for that matter. And only the most horrible among us try to destroy people through them. It’s not a coincidence that everyone who does is a liberal. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.  


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