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Appropriate This!

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If you’re a normal human being you likely don’t pay very close attention to the way other people, especially strangers, dress, or what they eat, or the things they like. You’re too busy leading your life to care, plus you’re a decent human being not interested in butting into the harmless choices other people make – live and let live, you likely say. But “woke” liberals are anything but normal people. (I just wrote a book about these people.)

The average “woke” liberal – a term that refers to the most sensitive and aware liberals (think of hypersensitive and obnoxious having a kid, then spoiling that kid) – wakes up in the morning looking for something to be offended by. What, exactly, doesn’t much matter. If they haven’t accused someone of being a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, or some other term that would show up disproportionately in the transcripts of CNN or MSNBC, by noon, they feel as though their day has been wasted.

This is what happens to student protesters who spent more time researching who the buildings on campus are named after in the hope of finding something to be outraged by than studying for class, not that a degree in grievance studies requires hitting the books very hard. But still…

The latest example of this liberal outrage mobtargeting someone minding their own business is the story of a high school girl excited to go to her prom in a dress she bought because, of all reasons, she liked it.

But, according to the “woke” mindset, she isn’t allowed to like it, or at least she’s not allowed to like it enough to wear it, only admire it from afar.

Her name is Keziah Daum, and she made the “mistake” of tweeting pictures of herself on prom night wearing what is described as “a traditional Chinese cheongsam.” What any of that means, I have no idea, nor do I care. It’s a pretty dress and she looks good in it, which I assume are the only criteria girls look for in a prom dress. That’s as it should be.

But not all is as it should be in the “woke” age.

Soon, while Keziah was enjoying her prom with her date, liberals who’ve likely have never had a date began attacking her on Twitter for “cultural appropriation.”

For the sane, cultural appropriation is the idea that people are only allowed to enjoy/use/celebrate/like things that were created by people of their race or ethnicity. Yes, it’s really that stupid.

It’s summed up perfectly by a headline that reads like a parody, “Kim Kardashian causes controversy with braided hairstyle she labeled as ‘Bo Derek Braids.’” It only gets dumber with the subheadline, “She has been criticized for crediting a white woman with a black style.”

I’m no expert on hair, nor do I care who the first person to braid it was. But I’m also certain no one knows who the first person to braid hair was, nor is it known who the first person to braid their hair like Bo Derek in the movie “10” was. But I’m also not a moron with so much time on my hands that I can worry about such things and police anyone whose race or ethnicity doesn’t conform with whatever the answer is. Yet people do, and “journalists” write about it. ‘

A moronwriter at the UK Independent weighed in with her overpriced $.02on Prom Dressgate. “Daum does not deserve online abuse, no one does,” the piece says, “but the debate her prom pictures have prompted is justified. Cultural appropriation is about power, and to many she’s the embodiment of a system that empowers white people to take whatever they want, go wherever they want and be able to fall back on: ‘Well, I didn’t mean any harm.’”

A girl wearing a dress to her prom only has deeper meaning to shallow people.

But let’s think about this for a second, is this really a road people want to travel down? Before you do, make sure you know who invented your smartphone, the car, whatever medicine you or your loved ones take. Better check the ethnicity not only of your favorite musicians, but that of the people who invented the instruments they use.

There is literally no end to the stupidity this can lead to if we keep skipping down this yellow brick road of dumb.

This “story” is a prime example of the division liberals sow. To the political left you are nothing more than your skin color, sexuality, ethnicity, etc. Divide people as much as you can, instill a tribalist mentality of “us against them,” and present liberals as the guardians of whatever tribe happens to be in the spotlight at the moment. Stray from what they think you should be and they will destroy you, just ask Clarence Thomas and now, Kanye West.

To her credit, unlike the liberal mob trying to destroy her, Keziah Daum showed maturity and grace under fire and, most impressively, she refused to apologize. Her liberal mob of attackers hasn’t apologized either, but they are truly sorry…just in the non-apologetic meaning of the word.

I wrote about the insanity of cultural appropriation and how the liberal mob has destroyed innocent people simply going about their lives in a way they disapprove of in my new book, “Outrage, INC: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood,” out in a few weeks. Order a copy here, you will like it.

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