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Thank You, President Obama

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This is it, the last full day of President Barack Obama’s tenure. Damn, it feels better than I thought it would. Forgive my smile as I type.

As President Obama makes his way out the door like a drunk who has been tossed from a bar and is determined to smash every glass on his way out, it’s important to take a moment to reflect upon all the good he’s done while he occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Yes, you read that right – thank you, President Obama.

No man has done more to both discredit Democrats and elect Republicans than he has over the last eight years.

More than 1,000 elected Democrats are now experiencing first-hand the joys of looking for work in the Obama economy, with roughly 4,000 more political appointees set to join them tomorrow.

Were it not for Barack Obama, Democrats might still control the House and/or the Senate.

Were it not for Barack Obama, some other Democrat might have replaced late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Were it not for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton may well have been elected president in 2008. Her email server wasn’t yet an issue, nor was her horrible record as secretary of state. And there’s every reason to suspect John McCain, who refused to bring up Rev. Wright, would’ve run an equally weak campaign against her. Whew, bullet dodged!

Were it not for Barack Obama, Democrats with a Democratic president may well have worked with Republicans to pass watered down versions of his executive orders. Once something is codified in law it’s much easier to expand. Since Obama chose to ignore Congress, much of his “legacy” can be wiped from history with a signature from that magic pen of his, which Donald Trump will soon wield.

Were it not for Barack Obama, many Americans still wouldn’t know just how big of a failure government is when it tries to run segments of the economy best left to the private sector. Many people who thought Obamacare didn’t sound so bad now personally know what happens when government tries to “help.” Hell, McCain may have tried to do some half-measure of the same failed plan, but Obama did it instead. Again, bullet dodged!


Were it not for Barack Obama, Americans might not recognize the threat of radical Islam and the real danger of pretending it doesn’t exist. No Republicans, and virtually no other Democrat, would have insisted the attack at Fort Hood was “workplace violence” and not a terrorist attack. It’s likely only Barack Obama could have led a progressive chorus denouncing the Pulse nightclub attack as being about guns or homophobia when there was audio of the terrorist declaring he was doing it in the name of ISIS. No one else would have had the chutzpah.

Were it not for Barack Obama, the media would not have been as exposed as the press release copy-pasting stenographer activists with press credentials they are. Millions more people would still believe they were honest brokers interested only in afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. Thanks to how far overboard they went to protect Obama, the blinders are gone and the throne-sniffers exposed.

There is little doubt Republicans could not have made these gains and changes in national dialogue and perception on their own. The GOP is known for horrible messaging, bad campaigning and caving when the chips are down. With rare exception, they win only by default.

Barack Obama famously said his ascension to the national stage would be viewed as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow.” That was aiming a little too high, but the tide sure turned.


Yes, he did a lot of damage. But part of the beauty of the United States is our system was designed so perfectly by our Founding Fathers that it is difficult to take down, even from the seat of ultimate power. The debt was doubled, the military weakened, our leadership in the world and our reputation damaged, but we are still standing.

No one would have suspected the greatest elector of Republicans the country has ever seen would be the most celebrated Democrat the country has ever known. For that, I want to say as you leave, “Thank you, Barack Obama.”

I don’t care if the door hits you on the way out…

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