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It’s All Your Fault

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Have you noticed how in the wake of an attack by radical Islamists, the first response of Democrats is to remind Americans not to round up the boys, jump in a pick-up truck, and search the streets for a Muslim to beat up? Even before they condemn the attack or the perverted ideology behind it, they accuse innocent people of being just on the cusp of bigotry and violence toward anyone who has anything in common with the perpetrator. In essence, the political left thinks you live your life just this side of being a horrible person.


It’s a major factor, I suspect, in why they’ve lost so many elected positions throughout the country. Who would vote for someone from a party which, in the immediate aftermath of a horrible event, lectures everyone else about how they must not give in to what they think is the siren call of retribution? What must they think of their fellow Americans?

Without fail, Democrats find themselves scratching their heads or butts (often times both because they’re so frequently merged), wondering about motive for an attack when the monster responsible unambiguously told the world what it was.

After the Orlando terrorist attack, the motive was “unclear” to the Obama administration for weeks. They first tried to blame guns, then homophobia. All the while delaying the release of even a transcript of the multiple calls from the monster stating in plain language that jihad was why he murdered 49 innocent people.

For years the Fort Hood attack was classified as “workplace violence,” like someone had just snapped after filing one too many TPS reports.

The pattern repeats after each attack.

With the Ohio State attack this idiot’s dance didn’t last as long only because the sub-human who did it wrote a post on his Facebook page that had been discovered and disseminated before plausible deniability and the delay game could begin. But they tried, oh they tried. For a day it was, “Gee, we just don’t know why he did it,” until it was so obvious they risked looking like flat-Earthers if they continued to wonder.


But, as always happens, the pre-recriminations started before the blood soaked fully into the ground.

After the San Bernardino attack last December, CBS News ran the headline, “Muslims in San Bernardino fear backlash after attack.”

After the Orlando attack, PBS ran the headline, “Muslim-Americans face backlash after Orlando mass shooting.” Oddly, as is usually the case, the only reference in the piece to that “backlash” is the interviewee saying they fear “that you know there might be a backlash.” Not that there was, but they feared there might be. You wouldn’t know that fact from the headline, which said they were facing one.

You can play this game with every attack in the US in the last decade, these are just one example each from two attacks. A search on the key words turns up dozens of mainstream media outlets parroting the same concept. The left is a hive-mind with no honey to show for it.

The story repeats for the Ohio State attack.

The left-wing activist site Think Progress, which neither wants readers to think nor make any progress toward addressing the problem of Islamic terrorism, ran a piece the day after the attack entitled, “OSU attack and Trump rhetoric leave Somali-American community vulnerable to hate.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t everyone “vulnerable to hate”? Someone is probably hating this right now, and me for writing it.


It’s meaningless; it’s progressive.

Not to be outdone, the Assistant Director of Residence Life at Ohio State posted to her Facebook page her sympathy for the terrorist, demanding others do so as well. “Think of the pain he must have been in to feel that his actions were the only solution.” She added the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter,” because why not?

When you believe the liberal narrative, you believe the liberal narrative.

The people responsible for these and all other attacks are the attackers themselves and those spreading the hateful ideology those perpetrators adhered to.

Democrats would rather point a finger at you. Unable to find satisfying examples of their fellow Americans acting the way they believe they would, they’re left to preemptively warn against them as if they’re routine. They aren’t.

Each terrorist attack offers a glimpse into how leftists view the American people, and more importantly themselves. They’re better, more refined than everyone else. They’re smart, we’re rubes. We need them to keep us in check; to temper our tempers. In short, they view everyone else as children.

These attacks are not the fault of the perpetrators or radical Islam, we are to blame.

The Obama years have witnessed nearly every American labeled a racist for the simple act of disagreeing with one or more of the policy prescriptions of our black president. Having rejected our opportunity to be labeled sexist for the next four years, liberal progressives proudly retain the “phobe-card.” And they will play it.


To Democrats, you’re an Islamophobe. No need to explain why, you just are. It’s science! And science doesn’t lie, but liars sure do science. Whatever the case, whatever the event, it’s all your fault.

Can’t imagine why they lost…

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