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Left-wing snowflakes are quite concerned with microaggressions – affronts to delicate liberals so miniscule they often are missed by both the “victim” and the “perp.” 

They can be whatever kind of “ist” or “phobe” needed to help whatever flavor of human requires to feed a victimhood jones. To hell with those people. They’re attempting to ruin further the greatest country in the history of the planet, so excuse me while I microaggress on them for a few minutes.

Colin Kaepernick wasn’t a household name before this week, and the world was a better place for it. This pampered prima donna was once a promising quarterback in the NFL, but he lost his starting job and now he rides the pine while hammering huge checks for the splinters. 

This embarrassment of a football player became an embarrassment of a human being when he threw an ignorant temper tantrum about how racist the country is and how police are murdering innocent black people with impunity. Because of the obtuse worldview that exists in the vacuum behind his eyes, Colin refuses to stand for the national anthem. With all due respect, it’s a bunch of crap. 

No one would have accused Kaepernick of being bright in the past, and he’s unburdened himself of that possibility for the foreseeable future. So he’s got that going for him. 

What else he’s got going for him is the support of ignorant race-baiters, professional victim hustlers and those who simply hate this country. Frankly, they can have him. 

Supporters such as NBA hall of famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaun King, New York Daily News’ resident Rachel Dolezal who uses a urinal noted for charity, um, issues, rushed to his defense. 

“He has a right to do it,” was the gist of their cries, and they’re right. So what? And who cares? If a moron, backed by a moron army, wants to protest whatever they want, good for them. But I don’t have to give a damn. And I don’t. 

What progressives hate to acknowledge is the very thing that protects their freedom to spew their ignorance ensures the rights of others to criticize them for it. Actually, they don’t hate to acknowledge it as much as they try to squash it, deny it to others. Fascists gonna be fascists. 

If you and your mob want a “safe space” to remain unchallenged, build a tree house. You want to slander the country, expect some pushback. You want to wear a shirt with a murderous dictator on it, knock yourself out. You want to hate this country, feel free, but expect the disrespect you display to be returned tenfold. 

In the end, the problem isn’t a spoiled 28-year-old has-been millionaire, nor is it a hall of famer, or an alleged plagiarist. It’s the culture so full of excrement it fertilizes lies like “Hand up, don’t shoot” so long that the lie grows unchallenged like bamboo in the minds of the ignorant. 

So full of “fertilizer” is the culture that every celebrity gathering is punctuated by a bizarre game of one-upping the previous claims of support for the latest big lie. Cheered by drones, Democrats and a knowing media, award shows celebrate drug dealers and thieves as innocent victims. It’s a sickness. 

Meanwhile, more people have been murdered in Chicago this year than in New York and Los Angeles combined. Chicago has 2.7 million people, compared to a combined population of New York and Los Angeles of 12.2 million. But Chicago has had 487 homicides this year, compared to 222 for New York and 176 for Los Angeles. 

Those homicides were not perpetrated by roving bands of police officers.

But those lives also don’t matter because they’re difficult, if not impossible, to fundraise off of.  You can be considered a hero and sell a lot of copies of songs about a goon who was killed because he attacked a cop, but there’s not a lot of money to be made decrying the murder of an innocent child shot by a drug-dealing pile of garbage. Hell, the dealers are being set free from prison at record rates by the president, so…

Colin Kaepernick’s ignorance belongs to him and those who choose to rally around it. Good for them. The more the American people see it, see the true face of what spawned from the bowels of the Democratic Party’s drive to divide in their quest for power, the better it is for the rest of us. By expressing their hatred for the United States they expose the greatness of the United States. So rage on, lefties, and show the country who you really are.

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