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Hillary Clinton Is ‘Historic’

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The media could not contain its joy after Tuesday’s primaries – Democrats had finally nominated a woman for president. There wasn’t an overpaid mainstream media teleprompter reader who didn’t utter the word “historic” at least once in the ensuing 24 hours. They are right. Hillary Clinton is historic – but not just for the way she uses the toilet.


Hillary Clinton is the first nominee of a major political party to have served as secretary of state while an American ambassador was murdered. Other secretaries of state have had ambassadors murdered on their watch, but none received their party’s nomination as a reward. Historic!

Hillary Clinton is the first nominee of a major political party to be under active criminal investigation by the FBI. Many may well have deserved it, but Hillary smashed right through that glass ceiling. Historic!

Hillary Clinton is the first nominee of a major political party to have led the fight to discredit and smear women her husband had affairs with, sexually harassed, and who accused him of rape. To borrow a line from Virginia Slims, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Historic!

Hillary Clinton is the first nominee of a major political party to earn hundreds of millions of dollars under the guise of “public service.” Even adjusting for inflation and counting the days of blatant graft, Hillary likely has become wealthier than any other person ever through her ties to government work. Historic! (NOTE: This record runs risk of being broken when Barack Obama leaves office next year.)

Hillary Clinton is the first nominee of a major political party to have set up a shadow communications network to mask her actions in office from the public. Yes, other government officials have used private email occasionally. Secretary of State Colin Powell, for example, responded to a couple of dozen work-related emails sent to his private account. But none have even contemplated setting up their own, unsecured and quite vulnerable private server to avoid accountability. Historic!


These are but a few examples of how Hillary Clinton made history. She’s also parlayed a mediocre law career into a media-spun reputation of being the smartest woman to ever walk upright.

Or course this is the media’s attempt to prop up Hillary because they have to. On her own merits she’s unworthy of trust, public or private. As first lady, she shielded her husband’s actions. As a senator, she was inconsequential. As secretary of state, she was a disaster.

Her own biography on her website can’t twist her failures into anything other than what they are.

“As first lady of Arkansas, she was a forceful champion for improving educational standards,” her website reads. Education in Arkansas under Bill Clinton never left the bottom.

When Bill was elected president, Hillary “led the fight” to take over the health care industry. It not only was rejected, but the American people were so disinterested they threw control of Congress to Republicans for the first time in generations.

She touts her “groundbreaking speech” at the UN Conference on Women in China, in which she said, “Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights once and for all.” Left unsaid was how those empty words led to exactly zero changes in how China treats women.


That’s the essence of Hillary Clinton’s life – speaking lofty-sounding words with no impact while sycophants with press credentials swoon like they’re in the front row for The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. You can get away with being “all sizzle and no steak” if there’s a paid gaggle of reporters telling the world how delicious the meal no one ate was.

As secretary of state, she immediately had Israel taken off her plate on day 2 when President Obama appointed former Sen. George Mitchell as Special Envoy for Middle East Peace. Why take the most volatile foreign policy area off the docket of the nation’s foreign policy chief? Because she had no experience or qualifications for the job.

It was supposed to be a resume-building job, so she would toil in the insignificant while knowledgeable professionals led the effort in the world’s hot spot. See Libya, Russia, Syria, China, North Korea, Iran, etc., to figure out how well that worked.

Still, the media portray her as an accomplished secretary of state. Historic…bias.

The only things at which Hillary Clinton has excelled are fending off victims of her husband, abdicating responsibility when situations melt down and monetizing her “public service” in ways never imagined by even the most unscrupulously corrupt of her predecessors.


Yes, you see, Hillary Clinton is historic, and in many more ways than the media will tell you. If she wins in November she will become even more historic … just like the Hindenburg was more historic than any other blimp flight.

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