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The Giving Of Thanks

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It’s Thanksgiving, so happy Thanksgiving.

As Americans we have a lot to be thankful for, even though we don’t take nearly enough time to truly think about it.


Along those lines, and with full knowledge that it is a national holiday and you’re a.) fighting a tryptophan-induced coma; b.) watching football; and/or c.) preparing to stampede stores to take advantage of Black Friday deals, I’ll keep this short.

Here is a not-all-inclusive list of what I’m thankful for.

1) The calendar. Yes, it’s been a long seven years, but there are only 14 months left of Barack Obama’s presidency. It’s true that a lot of damage can be done in 14 months, especially with a wannabe dictator who holds the Constitution in contempt and possesses a magic pen and phone that allows him to bypass it. Even Hillary would be better than this guy. We’ll recover as a nation; we always have. And I’m very thankful that recovery can start in 14 months.

2) Donald Trump. I’m not a fan of many of his policies or pronouncements, mostly because they’re nothing but promising to make things “great” and “the best” and are full of unnecessary vitriol and childish barking. But he has forced a few issues to the forefront of the public consciousness. Immigration would still be an issue this cycle without him – but it would be discussed with pandering acquiescence, not national sovereignty, at its core.

3) Trump again. I realize I’m doubling up on someone of whom I’m not particularly a fan, but when someone deserves credit I give it. He has exposed the media for the frauds they are and, as an added bonus, shown Republicans how to defeat them. Several times he’s called out reporters for hackish and biased questions, which, especially in the CNBC debate debacle, rubbed off on other candidates. I could imagine Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Chris Christie taking on the moderators in that debate, but I can’t imagine any of them doing it as well as they did without Trump having reset the line of acceptability. Whether he improves as a candidate and moves beyond platitudes remains to be seen, but his contributions thus far have been invaluable.


4) Progressive protesters. From college campuses to the streets to major cities, wherever these people I affectionately call “mutants” decide to drum circle, they’re doing a major service to anyone who loves this country. It’s not because they love this country. On the contrary, it’s because they’re exposing progressives for the anti-American totalitarians they are. As if that weren’t service enough to the country, they’re attacking their creators. The cities in which these protests flourish are bastions of liberalism, ruled for decades by Democrats. Same with the campuses currently being terrorized by the professional victim class; indoctrinated by the education system they now seek to destroy. There’s something downright karmic about Frankenstein’s monster destroying the good doctor’s castle. Pass the popcorn.

5) I am thankful (and amazed) I’m able to make a living writing and talking. Yeah, this one isn’t political, but I assume you’ve already slipped off into a game or turkey sandwich and beer, so who cares? It still shocks me that I get paid to do what I do, and I wouldn’t were it not for those of you who’ve made it this far and share things like this on Facebook. So, thank you.

There is, of course, a lot more for which I’m thankful – my wife, my family, my friends, all the other standard stuff – but I want you to get back to your family and friends, or at least football.


I grew up in Detroit, so I don’t really have a professional football team, I just have the Lions. They’re playing today, so I get to watch them for once. Knowing that, and knowing them, I’m going to go eat some more turkey and try to get into a tryptophan coma of my own. It’s always much less disappointing when you don’t watch. See you Sunday.

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