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“Can we simultaneously love our children but betray their generation and generations yet born?” That’s the question on page 1 of Mark R. Levin’s new masterwork “Plunder And Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation Of Young People And The Future,” and it is answered throughout the book.


Levin, nationally syndicated radio host and president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, has five bestsellers under his belt. With this release it will be six, and it deserves to be.

A quick read (256 pages, 60 of which are endnotes), but not an easy one, Levin explains, issue by issue, that although the political class claims to be acting in the name of children, it condemns them to a future of crushing debt, growing government and shriveling liberty.

Like a husband who beats his wife but claims to love her, politicians are stealing the bright future of generations and replacing it with a Leviathan from which there will be no escape.

Levin’s book is as much a history lesson as it is a road map – here’s how we got here, here’s how we get out. Everyone knows Social Security exists and that it’s going broke, but do you really know how bad it is? What it will mean for you and your kids?

Like every Ponzi scheme, Social Security, as currently constituted, cannot and will not survive.

“The American people are facing some very unpleasant realities about the nation’s financial vulnerabilities,” Levin writes. “The federal government is deeply in debt; the largest federal program, Social Security, is hemorrhaging money; the national birthrate does not provide enough working people from whom money can be transferred to subsidize beneficiaries; and most individuals do not have enough personal savings to get them through severe economic times. As the late economist Dr. Herbert Stein once wrote, “If something can’t go on forever, it will stop.” And in this case, the federal government’s biggest program will stop with a crash, taking down the older recipients and the younger payers alike.”


Be it Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, education, the environment, immigration, national security, or any other issue, the American people are being lied to, and history and reality are being ignored.

Each chapter reads like a pamphlet from the revolutionary days; addressing, defining and offering solutions to the problems of today. It’s a handbook for candidates and citizens alike.

With 60 pages of footnotes to back up his research and assertions, anyone who reads “Plunder” will be armed with more than enough information and support to defeat any radical liberal family member or friend in a debate. More importantly, it will empower an army of the informed with the tools to drop kernels of conservatism into casual conversations with non-political friends.

Levin knows how to communicate – he does so to millions each week on his radio show. “Plunder” won’t make you into a radio host, but it can make you into a Johnny Appleseed for liberty. That sounds cheesy, I know, but hear me out.

This could easily be a briefing book for any of the 17 Republicans seeking the 2016 GOP nomination. But it’s not; it’s for mass consumption. And it’s written accordingly.

Full of history, it’s also packed with easily recallable statistics anyone can use, directly or on the sly, nuggets to water the seeds of questioning the liberal paradigm.


Did you know 768,920 pages of regulations have been added to the federal registry in the past 10 years? That those pages contained 36,877 new regulations, un-passed decrees by unelected government bureaucrats that now carry the force of law? Of course you didn’t. But it’s true, and there’s a real possibility you will violate one of them, or one of the thousands more created annually. Each has penalties for violating, including fines and possible prison terms.

Levin doesn’t go into each of them – even the people who devise them have little understanding of their true impact or reach until much later. What he does do is give facts like this in both historical and modern context. He doesn’t presume to know how the Founding Fathers would act today; he reminds us of what they said at the time.

There is no higher document in regards to the protection of individual liberty than the Constitution. “Plunder,” like Levin’s previous books, arms the reader with the information the mainstream media won’t, and it spawns what they don’t want – a truly informed citizenry.

We haven’t just robbed our kids’ piggy banks, we took out credit cards in their names, then saddled them with weights and threw them in the deep end of the pool.

It’s not too late, as Levin makes clear. We aren’t Greece…yet. As the cradle of democracy transitions into the grave, its greatest disciple doesn’t have to follow suit. But we will if we don’t stop the plunder, and we can’t stop the plunder until we stop the deceit. Mark Levin makes a convincing case on how to do both. It’s just a matter now of whether we listen.


“Plunder And Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation Of Young People And The Future” is available now at bookstores nationwide and at

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