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Male Sexual Nature and the Left's Culture of Denial

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On New Year's Eve in Cologne, Germany, more than 400 German women were sexually attacked and at least three raped by gangs of male immigrants, most of them from Arab countries.

There are two truths that need to be confronted, but because we live in the Age of Denial of Unpleasant Truths, they won't be. One is the denial of the low view of women in the Arab Middle East and many other parts of the Muslim world. This denial is the product of multiculturalist moral relativism, which posits that no culture or value system is morally superior to any other.

The other denial concerns the sexual nature of men.

All previous generations of human beings of which we are aware knew that male sexual nature is predatory. Without strong moral values working to inhibit their sexual nature, men will follow their natural impulse to grab women to whom they are attracted and use them sexually -- just as males in the animal world grab the females of their species for sex. Ironically, the people who most insist that human beings are just another animal are the ones most likely to deny this animal aspect of male nature. Instead they argue that men are "socially conditioned" to see women as sex objects -- by our "Playboy culture," by sexist ads, by pornography or some other elements of "patriarchy."

The people who make this argument not only disregard their own belief that human beings are animals, they put the cart before the horse. The Playboy culture, ads depicting women as sexual objects and pornography are the result of male nature, not the causes of male predatory sexual behavior.

There is virtually no pornography or sexual ads -- and women display no flesh in public, sometimes not even their face -- in most Muslim countries. Yet sexual assaults are far more common there, and Muslim immigrants commit a disproportionately high percentage of rapes in Western Europe.

And speaking of Western Europe, sexual ads -- bordering on nudity -- are commonplace; pornography is freely and widely available; and women wear whatever they want (or don't want) in public, often showing a great deal of skin. Yet, despite all this, rape and other forms of sexual violence were relatively low among Western Europeans prior to the recent influx of Muslim immigrants.

Clearly it is not some new Playboy culture, or the depiction of women as sexual objects on TV, in films and on billboards, that causes rape. Indeed, with their relatively low levels of rape, Western Europe, the United States and Israel are historical aberrations. Throughout history, unless prevented by the society or by a strong moral system, men raped women when they could. Just look at how men have treated women when social and moral norms break down during wartime.

The obvious point is that male sexual nature is programmed to 1) view women as sexual objects and 2) to have sex with as many of them as possible.

The proof for the first assertion is homosexual men. They view other men as sexual objects just as heterosexual men view women as such. Were gay men, too, shaped by a "Playboy culture" or "sexism"? Of course not.

Given that this is how men are programmed, why is there so much denial of the obvious? Why do feminists -- male and female -- and others on the cultural left still deny the unpleasant truths about male sexual nature?

Because to acknowledge these truths is to acknowledge that there are immense natural differences between men and women. But, if you have attended college, let alone graduate school, anytime in the past half-century, you have been taught to deny that men and women are inherently different.

So the left blames outside influences -- Playboy, the "rape culture" that allegedly permeates college campuses, patriarchy -- for rape, sexual assault and the depiction of women as sex objects. Or they argue that women's sexual nature is just like men's: Women want as many sexual partners as men do; women view men as sex objects just as men view women; and women are just as happy to have emotionless sex as men are.

And how do they explain rape? As an act of violence that has little or even nothing to do with sex. Just about every man reading this (other than graduate students in gender studies or some other liberal arts departments) knows how false that statement is. Rape is overwhelmingly a sexual act; it is sex obtained through violence. Describing rape as primarily about violence rather than sex is like saying robbery is primarily about violence rather than money.

One of the most important differences between the right and left is the left's denial of unpleasant truths and the right's acknowledgement of them. Male sexual nature is just one such example.

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