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An Unconventional President?

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Every day for the past 15 days, we have seen President Donald Trump place a priority on keeping his campaign promises to the American people, from creating jobs to tightening immigration, cutting regulatory burdens and appointing strong leaders to his cabinet. He has also—perhaps most importantly—set out to change the face of the U.S. Supreme Court, just as he promised.


We are in a day where conservatives, Christians and patriots can celebrate a president who cares deeply about America. Still, I suggest we all take a deep breath and repeat after me: “It’s only been 15 days.”

I have to believe that President Trump has done more in the last 15 days than most presidents do in 15 months. This has been an incredibly fast-paced executive branch, the likes of which no current member of Congress or others in Washington, D.C., have ever seen.

Management as Usual

For all of those in Washington who are crying “foul,” this is known as “Private Sector Management as Usual.” I suspect this confirms why so many in Washington are politicians: they can’t take this kind of pace.

It also is likely the reason that President Trump has surrounded himself with so many people from the private sector. They are people who understand a sense of urgency, and that merely talking about something is not work.

I know this is totally new for most people around politics, which is why I wouldn’t expect them to embrace such a management style. At the GOP retreat in Philadelphia last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan noted that this was an “unconventional president” and his communication style is “something that we’re all going to have to get used to.”

I hate to break it to the speaker, but this is not unconventional. This is merely a throwback to what the country was founded on. It hearkens to the time when George Washington expressed to his fellow business leaders that they should all be willing to serve their country for a period of time and then return home to their work.


Not Unconventional at All

From a historical perspective, the kind of action the new president is taking is not unconventional. What is unconventional is the “royal elite” politicians who would believe that conventional is the way our government has been operating for the last 20 years.

I know those working on Capitol Hill have seen their lifestyle and work ethic be dramatically interrupted. They aren’t familiar with the notion that the American people have spoken and the desires of the governed need to be honored.

I suspect I should give some of these elitist politicians some grace and understanding as they try to wrap their arms around the new president’s “unconventional” methodology. After all, it is something they have never witnessed. So, of course there will be some pushback.

I can already see the Republican Party allowing—like they always have—the Democrats and mainstream media to begin to formulate their agenda and get the GOP to bend to the idea of embracing the Democrats' strategies, and to believe what the elites say the people want.

I would remind them that what the elites have been saying for the past year and a half about what people want could not have been further from the truth. I would remind all the Republicans in Washington that the people obviously elected an unlikely president.

What People Want

The people want someone who will fight for them, stand up for truth and for what is right, true and good. They want someone who will protect their freedoms. They want the government they have elected to build a country we can feel proud of and leave the next generation a growing economy—the kind of economy where prosperity is not a dream but an opportunity; a country where poverty is not an accepted lifestyle; and a nation where opportunity to rise up from the bottom is the norm, not the exception.


I would remind the Republican Party that we the people voted for backbone, strength, steadfastness, and a love for America and its people. To Speaker Ryan, this may seem unconventional, but it is anything but unconventional. These ideas are as conventional as apple pie.

After all, it’s taken just 15 days for the mainstream media and progressive rhetoric to begin to sway the Republican stance on the very soft sand on which they stand. Standing strong, steadfast and unwavering has been unconventional in Washington, so it’s only taken 15 days to witness the sand shifting beneath their feet.

Can we just take a deep breath and stay focused on what we voted for? Our future demands it.

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