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Republicans Can Deliver in a Divided Congress. Here’s How.

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

A slim majority in the House for Republicans means that delivering real results for the American people will require a willingness to work with allies both on the Hill and outside the walls of Congress who share their goals. One group that should top the list of potential partners for achieving meaningful policy wins on issues like over-regulation, and unchecked spending is America’s business community. 


The American business community has been a friend to Republicans in the past, and this partnership is even more critical in the 118th Congress. Organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have been leading the fight against many of the most irresponsible policy solutions pushed by the Biden administration that has created a U.S. economy flirting with recession. For example, business organizations have sued several federal agencies that insist on unprecedented over-regulation and successfully joined the opposition in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals against Biden's plans to halt domestic oil and gas leasing. 

Now facing a divided government, President Biden is expected to rely on executive powers to force through the rest of the Democrats' agenda unilaterally rather than work across the aisle to seek reasonable compromise. The unavoidable result? A potentially sharp increase in costly regulations that hard-working Americans simply cannot afford. This is the exact type of red tape and regulation that burdens businesses with increased costs and reduced efficiency, leaving consumers to pay the price. 

If there is any hope of curbing the unsustainable spending spree that occurred over the past two years, Republicans will need help from the private sector to push back against an administration determined to advance a costly agenda regardless of the consequences for American businesses and consumers. 


Despite the naysayers who say we can’t get anything done in a divided government, some of the most meaningful policies in American history were passed during times of divided government. America almost always benefits when bipartisanship is required to pass legislation. With a divided government for at least the next two years, Republicans have an opportunity to work with their allies in the private sector to build the support needed to advance their agenda through policy solutions that work for everyday Americans. 

In addition to fighting back against out-of-control spending and over-regulation, there are other areas where Republicans and business groups can work together to achieve common policy goals.  

It’s time for Congress to tackle the challenges with China and promote foreign trade agreements consistent with America’s national security and values. Congress must do more to fix ongoing supply chain disruptions caused by worker shortages by incentivizing work, promoting trades, and helping reskill America’s labor force.  

Finally, Congress must show businesses across America that crime, be it organized or petty, will no longer be tolerated on Main Street or online. The private sector can be a great ally in building support for legislation that addresses all these critical issues.   


Today, more than ever, America needs a government that can partner with the private sector on our biggest challenges, engage globally to advance America’s interests, and ensure future generations are not left to pick up the tab left over from the last Congress. The business community has proven to be a valuable and reliable ally to Republicans in the past. By resuming strong partnerships with the business community, Republicans can deliver results for the American people and achieve success in the new Congress.

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