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How ironic. Our first black President, Barack Obama, gets over 90% of the black vote in both elections but seems to run from black issues like he’s running from the plague. When was the last time he gave a policy speech on the breakdown of the black family? 73% of blacks are born to unwed mothers. When was the last time he spoke about blacks' declining wealth compared to whites? Poverty, crime and a lack of education are intertwined and a product of out of wedlock births.


And when was the last time, Obama asked why “are so many young black people using guns to kill neighbors?” as Juan Williams wrote. Instead our first black president, emphasis on BLACK, sent First Lady Michelle Obama to Chicago, a wasteland of black genocide, Obama’s hometown, to give a speech about gun violence.

“Since 2008, more than 530 youth have been killed in Chicago with nearly 80 percent of the homicides occurring in 22 African-American or Latino community areas on the city’s South, Southwest and West sides,” reported The Chicago Reporter.

If I was a black liberal who voted for Obama, not only would I be mad but mad as hell. President Obama needs to speak to the people of Chicago and blacks nationwide not about gun control but about the utter collapse of the black family which is causing this violence not gun control laws. Both Chicago and Illinois have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Blacks represent 13% of the population yet according to Justice Department data from 1990-2008, “blacks were six times more likely than whites to be killed and seven times more likely to kill.” According to the Centers for Disease Control 2009 data, blacks committed 54% of gun murders.

Instead of speaking on the need for more gun laws, Michelle Obama should have spoken about the real reason blacks are being slaughtered in Chicago and across the nation. Michelle Obama became emotional when she spoke how teen gang bangers gunned down 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton after “days” performing for Obama’s inaugural.


The First Lady spoke about how Haydia like herself “came from a good family -– two devoted parents” and that is the key to Michelle and Haydia’s success and the reason why Haydia was killed.

“What if, instead of roaming around with guns, boys like them had access to a computer lab or a community center or some decent basketball courts? Maybe everything would have turned out differently, said Mrs. Obama. But what she should have said is “What if they had two parents” because I guarantee you the two black boys who killed Haydia didn’t come from “a devoted two parent home.”

In 1965, Democrat Patrick Moynihan wrote in The Negro Family: the Case for National Action: “the family structure of lower class Negroes I highly unstable, and in many urban centers is approaching complete breakdown” because 23.6% of blacks were being born to single mothers. At the same time Moynihan noted blacks were becoming more dependent on welfare.

“The steady expansion of this welfare program . . . can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States,” wrote Moynihan

Today, 73% of black babies are born out of wedlock compared to 29% of white babies. Who takes care of these fatherless babies? The federal government. What is the likely future of black kids born to single parents? A future of poverty and crime.

Instead of tweeting:

“FLOTUS: First Lady Michelle Obama challenges Chicago leaders to create opportunity for all children:


Michelle Obama should challenge “black America” to do more marriage and parenting. At a minimum, she should challenge blacks as a race to a standard that mirrors whites’ out of wedlock birth rate. The lack of parents is literally killing the black race not guns. The First Lady and President Obama should get real and promote policies that promote marriage among blacks not perpetuate a false narrative on guns.

After all, that old-fashioned two-parent household was good enough for Michelle Obama and poor slain Hadiya. Shouldn’t it be good enough for all black Americans? Shouldn’t black America be challenged to a bright future? The time has come for black Americans to take responsibility for their actions and Democrats to stop nurturing policies of low expectations that feed their pathology.

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