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I’m not writing about Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) calling illegal Mexican workers “wet backs” despite liberals demanding I, as a Conservative Black Chick, “respond to his racist comment.” Instead, I'm writing about liberals calling me a coon, Baap B*ch, and c*nt. You know, the under reported story of liberals vicious attacks on black conservatives.

Since Dr. Ben Carson uncorked himself as a black conservative during his speech at the White House Prayer breakfast, he’s been called an “Uncle Tom” and mocked by MSNBC Toure as having “intellectual tumors in his mind.” And of course civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, who told Sean Hannity “Carson is [a] monster...and should stay in the operating room.”

Agitated by the vitriol hurled at Carson, one of the world’s preeminent pediatric neurosurgeons, I thought it was timely to remind everyone that Carson, though a new face to the movement, certainly isn’t the only black conservative to be assailed by the left. On a daily basis, black Janes and Joes are verbally abused for choosing to call themselves Republican or conservative.

Here’s a little sampling of some the hate emails I receive regularly for choosing to exercise my First Amendment right as a BLACK, conservative woman. (Note emails haven’t been altered to correct spelling.)

“Are you one of Ann Coulter's good n**gers? She said their n**gers were better than the democtratic n**gers. Do you agree with that racist?”

And this. . .

“You are a wicked little Baap B*tch.Uttering you hatred for Black Men and our people at the .T.E.A. Party rallies(Tyrranical .Evil Aryan Party and at the C.PA.C. Conservative Political Aaction Committee.WE hope that all Wickedly Beautiful Baap Women Like you Litteraly burn in Hell.”

All the attacks on black conservatives are usually limited to name-calling, and never about policy differences. The left relentlessly calls black conservatives crude names to belittle us into silence, tame us into submission, and intimidate those of us in the closet from coming out. Message: know thy black place.

Why this rabid hate from the left? Because black conservatives challenge the stereotypical black box liberals have put blacks in. According to liberals, blacks must vote Democrat because of the color of their skin. When was the last time anyone demanded to know why a white person voted Democrat or Republican?

The more black conservatives talk about policies of opportunity, individualism, smaller government and less taxation, the more black Americans start questioning why they are voting for Democrats in the first place. They begin asking themselves what have Democrats done for blacks that has been so great?

In a nutshell, black conservatives get other blacks thinking; they awaken the beast within: political choice! This scares the hell out of Democrats because people like Dr. Carson with national exposure dismantle liberal policies of government-based success. Black conservatives threaten to chip away at Democrats’ loyal “Uncle Tom” voter base—the over 90% of blacks who voted for Obama twice and like a herd of sheep have remained loyal to Democrats for the past forty-plus years. In return blacks have witnessed diminished wealth compared to their white counterparts, lower high school graduation rates, and over 70% out of wedlock birth rate compared to 23% in 1964.

Juan Williams wrote recently in the Wall Street Journal that according to Justice Department data from 1980-2008, “ blacks were six times more likely as whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely as whites to kill.” One could say black Democrats better define the dutiful slave Uncle Tom in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” because he followed his master’s orders and never thought for himself.

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