Congressman Diane Black

Congressman Diane  Black
My Experience With the ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ Culture, and What I’m Doing About It Now in Congress
By Congressman Diane Black
America is having a reckoning and it’s long overdue. I’m talking about the movement to hold sexual harassers accountable for ...
December 13, 2017
Why We Need To Pass Our Budget
October 03, 2017 |
For Clinton, “Stronger Together” Is Just Empty Words
By Congressman Diane Black
It’s good to be Hillary Clinton. She has a long roster of Hollywood endorsements, a media that lets her campaign ...
October 19, 2016
The “Christian Right” Didn’t Attack Orlando – Terrorism Did
By Congressman Diane Black
Last Sunday, a deranged terrorist with evil in his heart and the poison of radical Islam in his mind opened ...
June 15, 2016
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