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A few weeks ago I tweeted out a memo from a Democrat polling outfit called Impact Research in which they warn Democrats to drop the subject of COVID and declare the war “won.”  Unbelievably, these people were paid money to tell their tone-deaf bosses what the rest of us knew over a year ago.  The American people are tired of mandates and lockdowns and want to move on.


Democrats seemed to embrace the findings.  Masks have all but vanished.  Several Senate Democrats in tough re-election states have signed off on a federal transportation mask mandate repeal.  The chair of the party’s Congressional Campaign Committee said in a recent interview, “I don't think they (masks) make any sense anymore. I'm for whatever gets rid of mask mandates as quickly as possible."

But just when you thought it looked like the Democrats might be attempting to come to their senses, they remind you there is no such thing as moderate in their vocabulary. 

Perhaps you think I’m talking about spending proposals during an already record high period of inflation?  Nope, not that.

Could it be targeting parents as terrorists at school board meetings for simply opposing the race-hustling CRT curriculum in their kids’ classrooms? You’d think so, but no. 

Maybe you think it’s a refusal to drill for our own cheap, plentiful oil supply when gas is hovering between five and six dollars a gallon causing goods and services to explode in cost for all Americans?  You’re still not thinking crazily enough.

Is it soft on crime Democrat district attorneys attacking cops during record high crime and murder in our cities? Crazier.

A wide-open southern border as they screech about the importance of protecting Ukraine’s border from Russia? Impressive, but go loonier still.


Against the backdrop of all those very real and disturbing positions - Democrats have decided they want to wage a culture war on the country for good measure.

Pop the popcorn ‘cause this is mind-blowing stuff.

Everyone knows the story of the former male swimmer who was just average until he decided to call himself a female and dominate an NCAA women’s event.

Twitter has been on a jihad banning anyone and everyone from even pointing out basic biological facts about gender when referencing the story.  To be peak-woke on the left today is to tell women to shut up and accept men can become women then defeat them as women.  And they’ll like it.  

All that equal pay, Title IX, glass ceiling stuff was just a ruse.    

Sorry vagina hat ladies. The stereotypical Don Draper, alpha-male, skirt-chasing men at the office aren’t the greatest threat to your existence after all.  Turns out your man-bun boyfriend who wants to be you rather than date you is your bigger concern. 

But wait, there’s more!  Florida passes a common-sense law to ban teaching sexuality and gender fluidity to kindergarteners through third grade.  Personally, I’d be fine with K-12, but that’s beside the point.

I’m now convinced this was some kind of Jedi mind trick by DeSantis and Florida Republicans served up as cultural cat-nip for left-wing lunatics because as Yoda would say, “Take the bait and run did they!"


This obvious and unobjectionable legislation got the professional, political agitator wing of the LGBTQ+ community wound up enough to convince the Walt Disney Company to attack their home state governor and legislature.  Falsely branding the bill “don’t say gay,” the left’s antics caused a hyper-focus on the subject and provided Governor DeSantis an amazing opening.

DeSantis fired back by explaining he’ll never apologize for not allowing schools to sexualize classroom discussion for Florida’s youngest citizens.  Further, he took the opportunity to remind the country the “happiest place on Earth” does a whole lot of business with China – a country with human rights abuses too many to count.  

Florida’s governor wasn’t done.  This week he declared in an official ceremony that the Florida resident and UVA women’s swimmer who took second to the biological male in competition last week was indeed the rightful winner of the NCAA women’s tournament and formally issued a proclamation to that effect.  

But don’t pick your jaw up off the floor just yet.  If you haven’t heard about the confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Katanji Brown Jackson this week, I hope you’re seated.

It’s a certainty the judge will be confirmed to the court, but what is not at all certain is how much more damage Democrats will do to themselves before the hearings are over.


Republicans have appropriately stayed focused exclusively on Brown Jackson’s public comments and previous court rulings as well as direct questions concerning her past opinions and philosophy.  How well has it gone? Polling among the general population shows a mixed impression at best, despite most agreeing she’ll be confirmed.  

Not hard to understand when you discover the judge couldn’t define what a woman is. (“No joke,” as Biden likes to say.) Brown Jackson said “I don’t know” when asked when life begins.  Most disturbingly, the judge and her defenders tied themselves in knots this week explaining why she went so light on past sentencing of child pornographers and pedophiles.  

Too much uncomfortable time was spent explaining and listening to her statements parsing what ages constitute actual child rape and what ages seem too close in age to be considered pedophilia.

This was followed by a lot of tortured discussion over how many images of child pornography distributed and downloaded are wrist-slap worthy versus something more serious.    

I wish I could tell you this is an exaggeration of the next Supreme Court justice’s testimony this week.  I sincerely wish I could. 

The American left decided it was time to abandon forced masking, forced shots, and forced lockdowns before they paid a political price for it this Fall.  To save their political fortunes, they’ve decided on forcing men to be accepted as competitive women, forcing small children to learn about sex in the classroom, and splitting hairs over child porn and pedophilia during record inflation and war.


Can’t wait to read the next internal memo from Impact Research on this one. 

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