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Super Hero of Cartoon Character

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"I want to work with Congress to replace mindless austerity with smart investments that strengthen America," said President Obama in a recent speech at the Department of Homeland Security.


In the making of a counter-cultural hero, in an era of failed responsibility and in an era of passing the buck, a new superstar has been found.

In America, we have Elizabeth Warren, who is coming on like gangbuster as an alternative to Hillary Clinton, something I predicted a long time ago.

In Europe, Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister whose un-tucked shirts worn with blue jeans have become a symbol of his disdain for greed and selfish workaholics that dare ask for their loans be repaid.

Check out this movie poster of him with a dejected Angela Merkel in the background.

Here's the real deal: The best poster boy for this movement that says governments shouldn't have fiscal responsibility and that people shouldn't have to pay back their debts, should be J. Wellington Wimpy of the comic strip “Popeye.”

Created by E.C. Segar in 1934, everyone is familiar with his one-line sales pitch: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

With debt around the world out of control and politicians promising more goodies like free college, there will be more efforts to have obligations demonized and erased at the expense of the lender.

The fact of the matter is Mr. President, there is no such thing as "mindless austerity.” In fact, that's an oxymoron and a dangerous path to staying or gaining power.

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