Young Americans: Vote Obama for a Future of Bankruptcy

Posted: Nov 05, 2012 11:57 AM
Young Americans: Vote Obama for a Future of Bankruptcy

As young Americans head to the polls tomorrow they should remember one thing: A vote for Obama is a vote for a bankrupt future.

President Obama has successfully made it through the election season without being pressed on the single biggest issue facing the future of America: the rapidly growing national debt. Young Americans have taken the brunt of the Obama economy, and it is their decision tomorrow whether or not we will head down the same path or one of fiscal responsibility.

President Obama has spent more money than all the Presidents from Washington to Clinton combined. The President who said he would “cut the deficit in half” has instead doubled it, and in the last four years, we have seen over $6 trillion added to our national debt.

President Obama isn’t just spending our current money, but the future money--the future salaries--that young Americans will be earning. The share of the national debt per capita of young Americans under 18 is now $218,676. This is more than the average cost of a 4-year private college ($130,468) and more than the average price of a single-family home in the United States ($173,100).

$218,676 is more than five times the average American income of $42,979.61. If young Americans making the average salary were to give 100 percent of their earnings to pay off their share of the national debt each year, it would take them more than 5 years.

And that is the best case scenario. The Obama economy has forced young Americans to put off starting their careers and saving for the future. Young Americans make up 40 percent of the unemployed population, and 53 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. These expensive policies aren’t caring for the future of Americans, it’s downright careless and irresponsible.

President Obama is spending the money of young Americans before they are given a chance to start making it.

Rather than addressing the expensive policies that are drilling America into a fiscal hole, he is doing everything to avoid the subject and making people believe--with empty words--that he has a plan.

Rather than addressing how he is going to handle our mounting debt, we have only heard President Obama demonize Mitt Romney as being an evil businessman, a contraceptive-snatcher, and a bigot. Mitt Romney has put the debt and the economy at the forefront of his plan, and it seems that the only plan President Obama has come up with is to completely avoid having a conversation about his careless spending.

The choice is clear for young Americans and the future of our country. Either we choose to go down the same path of fiscal insanity, or we choose a path that leads to jobs and prosperity. One thing is for certain: free contraceptives, Hollywood, and universal healthcare won’t mean a thing if President Obama keeps spending the money we don’t have.