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Ted Cruz is the candidate most likely to take our country from where it's arrived under the leadership of President Obama to where it should be - in the hands of "We the People." His authenticity and consistency are just two of the advantages he has over the rest of the field-in-waiting. He says what he means, he means what he says, and Washington knows it.


Expectedly, the knives are out against Sen. Cruz, and they're coming from both sides of the aisle. There's no doubt in my mind however, many of those knives will be dulled once the presidential debates begin. Critics have begun questioning Cruz's experience, intentions, judgment, likeability and overall appeal. However, if Sen. Cruz can persuade "establishment voters" of his electability, illustrate his in depth understanding of the separation of powers, communicate how silly it is to compare his tenure in the senate to that of President Obama's, and continue to stand against the progressive left who are determined to expand the powers of the federal government (particularly the executive branch) he could be America's last best hope.

The only thing worse than establishment politicians are establishment voters that habitually fill in the ballot for their party candidate no matter how many promises he or she breaks. Why? Because they don't want to see "their guy" from their party lose. Unequivocally they buy into the same old establishment arguments from the media and the parties themselves. For example: "he's unelectable," "he's too extreme" or "he doesn't have enough experience." The latter would be a valid argument if the country's moral decadence and federal deficits hadn't skyrocketed during the reign of experienced politicians.

I appreciate the executive experience that governors bring to a presidential race, but state politics are unlike Washington politics. Governors practice activism on behalf of their state; presidents should practice restraint for the betterment of their country. There's something to be said about a legislator that has operated in the belly of the beast and remained true to himself and his constituents. What makes Sen. Cruz unique is that he's well acquainted with arguing cases in front of the Supreme Court as Solicitor General. He did so nine times. He's shown courage, conviction and efficiency working within both the judicial and legislative arms of our federal government amounting to two-thirds of our government! Why shouldn't we believe he's capable to lead the executive branch?


It is a fact that Obama lacked executive experience. However, it's unfair to say his lack of experience is exclusively why America is in such disarray, and as a result, it's why we should only elect governors to the White House. The country is in bad shape because we have a president who doesn't believe in its founding, or our Constitution. His leanings are not partisan or political, rather they are ideological. Therefore, the decisions he's made -and I'd argue seeming lack of decisions- are consistent with his proclivity to root against the best interest of America.

On the other side of the spectrum stands Senator Cruz who believes in American Exceptionalism and constitutional originalism. I'm confident that a man with such convictions will make for a great president.

As far as electability is concerned, it never ceases to amaze me when voters on the right agree with elitists of the GOP who listen to left-wing pundits. All it takes to make the unelectable electable is your vote companied with a little retail politics. Those of us on the right get what we deserve when we allow the leftists in both parties to pick our candidates. Being informed about the candidates is more crucial than ever. As iron sharpens iron so will the debates sharpen our candidates' ability to frame their messages effectively. I suspect being a champion debater from Harvard, Sen. Cruz will have an edge on the others in the field.

I'm eager to see Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sen. Marco Rubio and even former Sen. Rick Santorum jump into the race. But, if you were to ask me today, "who is the candidate most likely to reclaim our Judeo-Christian heritage and right the wrongs that Republicans and Democrats alike have levied on our nation at the expense of our Constitution?" Hands down my answer would be presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz.


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