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What person (or group) in their right mind conducts conversations about trashing their opponents, cheating their own rules/system and running a spy operation to gain secrets about a competing campaign - via email?


As you’ve likely heard, WikiLeaks has revealed 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee (showing a clear bias toward Hillary Clinton) which has sent the Philadelphia DNC convention into utter chaos. Essentially, the cumulative division on day one of the Democratic Party convention is more than the entire week for the Republicans.

For once, we have a smoking gun showing just how corrupt the Democratic Party has been and how much they have lied. But I'm less concerned about the content of those emails as I am what the emails reveal about the Democrats’ incompetence.

Many are saying that Hillary still won this fair and square because she had millions more votes than her opponent Bernie Sanders. Can you imagine the benefit of having a spy in your competitors’ top ranks that could leak their strategy? That's effectively what happened to Bernie Sanders’ campaign and likely why Hillary won the nomination.

Think about it. It's one thing to be a liar and another to be a cheater. But, what I really can’t stand is blending those traits with arrogance and incompetence. Many of our ‘so-called’ leaders exhibit all four.

I've been very vocal about the fact that our government bureaucrats and most of our politicians are entirely disconnected from how technology impacts our lives and mine yet ignorantly legislate solutions (in theory) that enhance the problems. Senators and congressmen have staffs of young people to fix their computers, debug their smartphones and manage their technology. Most of our present-day elected officials were already successful in politics by the time we experienced the technological revolution. As a result, they don't understand the implications of social media, how non-private emails are nor how all of this is rapidly changing our culture. This renders them incompetent to handle some of our biggest threats and challenges.


For decades, our politicians have been cheating us, lying to us and robbing our country blind. We knew it; we just couldn’t prove it - until now. People like the Clintons and their ilk have been able to escape prosecution because there's never been more than circumstantial proof of their crimes/lies. WikiLeaks shows that their arrogance is being overwhelmed by the technology they’ve been using to expedite their illicit behavior.

Robbie Mook, Clinton's national campaign manager, asserted that the Russian hack of Democrat-emails was deeply concerning because it was being timed at the launch of the Democratic convention. They spoke of no real concern as to the fact it represents the ambient threat citizens face in terms of privacy and financial data. His (and Clinton’s) concern rested on the fact that it was Russian hackers and that Russian President Vladimir Putin must have ordered this hack in order to help Donald Trump be elected president.

I believe that justice-minded hackers, such as Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, have decided to play Robin Hood. I'm not justifying breaking into anyone's server and stealing their private data. But if there was ever a time I'm thankful for crime, this is it.

The tech sector invented these digital resources (such as email) to be used to enhance our communications, add productivity to society and allow us to lead in the world. They did not invent these technologies for crooked politicians like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Democratic Party ‘chair-resignee', nor Hillary Clinton to obfuscate honesty or their fiduciary responsibilities.


Most concerning is that we have high ranking and elected officials who are so incompetent that they continue to communicate, via insecure means, some of the most secretive information. Many have poked fun at Donald Trump's use of Twitter. He understands how technology intersects our lives and has been very successful in using it to communicate his message.

It appears the only way to hold crooked, cheating politicians accountable is to play their game of cheating and stealing their data from a remote location on another continent. Isn’t it sad that our media has abandoned this job and conceded it to the criminal dark web?

The Democratic Party is incompetent enough to believe it can quietly operate a campaign cheating the American voter out of their voice and candidate-selection. Moreover, they are arrogant enough to think they will not be caught using email as their primary form of collusion and communication.

Here's the two lessons we learn from this: First, when a leader such as Debbie Wasserman- Schultz has to defend herself dozens of times against any claim (such as cheating for Hillary), the accusations are likely true even if unbelievable.

Second, If you're going to cheat like the Democrats, then at least have enough sense to do it over the telephone so that some hacker can’t steal all of your unguarded secrets and share them with the world.


Crooked leaders are dividing us. Incompetent ones are destroying us.

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