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Douglas Murray has written what is probably the most important book of the last 50 years.

His extremely readable The Strange Death of Europe clarifies so many issues that are swirling around our lives. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the state of the Western world today.

I had the distinct pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Murray while he was on a recent trip to Los Angeles. It was hard to focus the conversation because there are so many immense concepts conveyed by Murray in the book even though it is just 320 pages.

Murray debunks many of the lies foisted upon the public about the effects of mass immigration on the countries of Europe. It is challenging to give you a few tidbits, but here goes.

It is amazing how Europe and the United States share so many parallel challenges. The Europeans are flooded by people from Northern and Central Africa boating in from two jumping-off points. One is Lampedusa, Italy, and the other is the Greek Islands. Charged huge fees by transporters (think of the Coyotes who bring in people from our Southern border), many die. However, the ones who do survive are almost guaranteed a life somewhere in Europe because of the rules of the European Union (EU). “They are all coming just to make a better life for their family.” Sound familiar?

We are told that many of these people are refugees, particularly because of the displacement of people from the conflict in Syria, though Murray documents how that is overstated. Murray points out that the six Gulf Cooperating states (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman) have taken in no Syrian refugees. Zero. Though they are geographically, culturally and religiously closer to the Syrians, they make up excuses. Refugees from Eritrea, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are treated even worse.

I asked Murray why the Europeans do this and particularly the Germans who recently forced the mass importation of refugees upon their fellow EU members. (Once papers are obtained in one EU country, refugees can flow to any of the other countries.) Boiling it down, he defined it as guilt. The Germans are still suffering from what occurred during the two world wars even though almost no modern German was alive during that time. Other Europeans are attempting to compensate for perceived ills of their colonial period. Sound familiar?

We discussed the stupidity of the Jews protesting the Trump review of immigration from six Middle East countries. Jewish leaders were arrested protesting Trump’s move. These countries all had failed governments, but mostly they bred anti-Semitism. Murray told me the story of the chief Rabbi of England going to the Greek islands to help with the Syrian Refugees. Someone asked why the Rabbi was wearing a cap and not a yarmulke. It was stated that the Rabbi was wearing his yarmulke under his cap which he was instructed to wear over the yarmulke for security reasons. 

The elites make the same argument in Europe about the need for the labor pool disregarding the cultural effects of mass importation of people unfamiliar with all aspects of their societies. Murray made a major point of tying the dearth in Europe of babies to this rationalization. After 50 years of being told how populations were exploding (going back to Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb), Europeans are now being told they need outsiders to come in, or their societies will collapse. It is because of the outsiders their societies are collapsing. In my many travels to Europe, I rarely see a family with two children and have never seen one with more. Apparently somehow, the immigrants have three or more children, but the native Europeans cannot seem to figure out how to pay for that many kids. Sound familiar?

The elites suppress information to hide the negative effects of people coming from a different culture and attempting to adapt to the various different countries of Europe. A major way they manipulate their citizens is hiding statistics of crime and particularly abuse of women coming from these immigrants. Germany, Sweden, and Norway are three examples of countries experiencing explosive rape numbers. You remember the New Year’s Eve fiasco in Cologne, Germany (which the press initially tried to suppress) where masses of women were physically accosted by immigrants? The Mayor (a woman) then suggested it was because the women were provocatively dressed.

A riveting story Murray tells is a 33-year-old Eritrean asylum seeker stating “Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control. In my country if someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished.”

That does not even confront the issue of female genital mutilation where in Britain 130,000 women have suffered this perversion. Sweden had its own problems with rape. In 1975, before mass migration, there were 421 rapes reported. By 2014, there were 6,620 rapes -- a 16-fold increase -- making Sweden the second highest rape country per capita in the world. Yes, little old Sweden, the country about which President Trump commented and was crucified for his comments.

As the book flows, one keeps seeing the polls that Murray cites that continue going against the leaders’ actions. They keep going higher and higher against the entrenched Elite. I asked Murray why they were not kicked out of office since these countries are all democracies. He said there were two factors. Bad candidates offered by the opposition (Le Pen in France even though she forced the election of a relative moderate vs. an outright Socialist). Also, the Elites continue their cover-ups and scare tactics. 

Murray writes about the supposed explosion of Fascists in Europe. He says, “When it comes to anti-fascism in most of Western Europe, there would appear for now to be a supply-and-demand problem: the demand for fascists vastly outstrips the supply. The further fascism receded into history and the fewer visible fascists there were on display, the more self-proclaimed anti-fascists needed fascism to retain any semblance of political virtue or purpose.”

Sound familiar?

Whereas European elections continue to put forth the same Elitists, Trump broke through in America with the help of the buffoonish candidacy of Hillary Clinton. You might now have a better understanding of what Trump faces and why he is continually attacked by the Elite class. The same attitudes brought on Brexit and the question is when will the Elites either realize the error of their ways or be thrown out of office?

I have just touched on the immeasurable amount of knowledge to be gained from The Strange Death of Europe. Whenever I hear a song that is eternal like LA Woman, Run Around Sue or Viva La Vida, for example, I call them two-fers. I have to listen to them twice. This book is so good I am reading it a second time.

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