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Drain the Swamp

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Legend has it that the District of Columbia was built on a swamp.  Though only two percent of the area known as D.C. originally fit the definition of what can be called swampland, a lot of us think it fits that definition today.  The expression “Drain the Swamp,” which has been traced to the beginning of the 20th century, is a metaphor for the ills that radiate from our nation’s capital.


Washington for most of its history was a sleepy little town.  It was meant to be that way.  If you read David Brinkley’s outstanding Washington Goes to War, he tells of the transformation of the city from a small town to a major metropolis during World War II.

But that never envisioned what we have today. Five of the six counties with the highest median income in the United States are suburbs of our nation’s capital.  We have allowed this to happen where all this money flows into Washington through a distorted tax system.  With money flows power.  The people who live in these counties either work for the government, or they work for an organization attempting to influence the government.  Those of us outside that realm are just servants to the ever-growing monster that is swallowing up our rights and freedom.

Yet, we have allowed our overlords in D.C. to suck more power and control over our lives.  A prime example was through the passing of the healthcare law (ACA) that took control of our health insurance away from us and our states and gave it to panels in Washington and ultimately our health insurance now runs through the most hated governmental agency in the country -- the IRS.

This election has exposed how Washington is really run today because one of the candidates is the premier manipulator of the interlocking elements of Washington that controls our lives.  We have seen that she has used her high office to provide cronies financial opportunities and then line her and her husband’s personal bank accounts with over $100 million.  Yet she sends out her minions to state there is no proof of a quid-pro-quo deal.  The Mafia should be embarrassed that they have not raised their game to this level of “legalized” lawlessness.  The old canard by the criminals that the elected officials are the “real crooks” has finally come to pass.


We have seen a political party totally discredit itself as one chairperson (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) was run out of office because of her fixing of the party apparatus for a preferred candidate.  We are now seeing that her successor (Donna Brazile) was just as corrupt as she tried to fix the debates for her favored candidate by feeding the questions to her ahead of time.  Yet, she has not resigned in disgrace. 

No matter what they do they never resign in disgrace because the results are justified by the means for these people.  You have heard it before as Harry Reid said about his lies on the Senate floor, when asked about the outcome of 2012: “Romney didn’t win, did he?”  It is always the ends that matter to protect the rulers of The Swamp.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is king of The Swamp.  He exemplifies the power and corruption of Washington.  He is retiring with a net worth of an estimated $10 million.  That is after 34 years in public office and that is without the value of his government pension.  He made his money in sweetheart land deals.

But why would we be surprised when The Swamp is a place where conflicts don’t need to be explained or even discussed.  Major participants in the Obama Administration have close relations in significant positions with the media.  Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes has a brother who is president of CBS.  Jay Carney, who was the White House press secretary, is married to the senior national correspondent of Good Morning America.  ABC News President Ben Sherwood has a sister who is a National Security Council official.  There are more examples, but you get the picture: in The Swamp the appearance of conflict of interest does not matter especially when you are doing good things for the country.


We see a Justice Department that fixed an investigation into their candidate’s questionable activities in high office by not allowing the investigators the tools (grand jury and subpoenas) to be able to do a proper review of the facts.

What do you think will happen if she gets elected?  There will be more of this and worse.  Take the case of John Podesta, the Chair of her campaign.  He will again be a kingpin in The Swamp.  His brother, Tony Podesta, runs the Podesta Group, the most influential lobbying group in The Swamp.  What do your think will happen if his brother’s candidate gets elected?  People who don’t care about your interests will buy influence for their interests.  You know that answer.

Then there is Tony’s former wife, Heather Podesta, who has opened her own shop.  She is known as the Insider’s Insider and the “It Girl” of D.C.  She will run rampant over your interests serving the interests of members of The Swamp.  If her candidate gets elected The Swamp will overflow.

Trump may not be the perfect vessel to overturn this mess, but he is a true outsider willing to suck out the sludge from The Swamp.  He is not beholden to the interests of D.C. and that is what scares them.  That has been why acolytes in The Swamp on both sides of the aisle have been against him from the beginning.  They will tell you it is because of his sordid comments or his distorted political views.  They will sound high-minded.   But it is because the hotshots on K Street will not be able to march into the White House and get what they want for their special interests. 


Imagine how the Podestas will have to find real jobs if Trump wins.  Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

The Swamp is long past the time to drain.  It needs to be destroyed.  A government in D.C. that used to serve the people now serves the public employees, elected officials and government leeches.  They tell us how to live our lives and make us criminals if we don’t follow the regulations they make that we don’t know or understand. 

If Clinton wins on Tuesday it will only get worse.  I look at Clinton supporters and I wonder if they actually are foolish enough to believe she cares about them.  That is a delusion.  She just cares about perpetuating the status quo for herself and her cronies.

At least with Trump we have a modicum of hope.  Drain the Swamp.

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