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An element of the Republican party is in a tizzy about the presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

It started with the conservatives, because Trump is not really a conservative, so they deserted ship. Then it was the self-righteous because they did not like the way he talked. Then it was establishment Republicans who stated he was not properly prepared to be president. Can’t you see they are playing you for saps and you are just eating out of their hands?


Let’s start with the fact that Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square. Not my candidate, but he did. As soon as he did, an orchestrated attack was started on him and some people went along. Republicans fell for it. Ask yourself which one of the other 16 candidates would the Left not have gone after in the same manner. Rubio, Cruz or Christie? Ben Carson? Carly Fiorina? How about the honorable Jeb Bush? The Left would have attempted to destroy him just like they did his brother, and they would have tossed his Hispanic wife over the side also. They would have skewered them all and let Hillary have a free ride.

There is no more honorable man in this country than Mitt Romney. They made a joke out of him. My God, they chastised him for having his dog ride on the top of his car. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) went on the U.S. Senate floor and questioned whether Romney had ever paid taxes. When (CNN anchor) Dana Bash asked Reid if he had any regrets about making this outlandish charge he replied “Romney didn’t win did he?”

When the tape came out of the comments Romney’s made about “47 percent”, it was everywhere and the press talked about how despicable those words were. Left-wing journalist David Corn wrote “When he doesn’t know the camera is rolling….” Never was a mention made of the disgusting human being who was hired to work an event and used his position to secretly tape a presidential candidate. No one did an expose on this scofflaw.


Compare that to the release by WikiLeaks of the DNC emails. The press, even before the Clinton campaign, turned this into a story of Russian espionage. Then the press stated Trump was encouraging espionage by a foreign country when he asked for the release of 33,000 of Clinton’s emails. These are emails that were from a private server that we were repeatedly told were about private matters (like yoga) and from a device off line for years. How was he encouraging espionage? Yet people like Michael Hayden said “He is inviting a foreign intelligence service to violate the privacy of an individual protected by the Fourth Amendment to the American Constitution." Is this guy that foolish or ignorant to not understand Trump was inviting nothing other than the release of emails that someone may have already had if they have them? That if they have those emails it is positive proof of how dangerous Clinton’s actions were in having an improperly secured private server. Hayden is a willing accomplice in turning the government over to the Left.

Don’t they get it? It is not Trump. It is any Republican candidate for president. The Left has done it to everyone. How about the last week of the 2000 campaign when a DUI charge against George W. Bush during his college days became the single most important issue in the campaign? If Al Gore would have pulled a “Mary Jo Kopechne,” a la Ted Kennedy, three weeks prior to the election, the press would have blamed the dead girl, as they did with Kennedy.


The world goes haywire when Trump makes a comment about second amendment types trying to stop Clinton from appointing her favorite judges. Ok, now he has screwed the pooch. He is encouraging assassination. Even if you bought this asinine interpretation of his comments, both Clinton in 2008 and Kerry in 2004 made equal or far worse comments. Remember them? I did not either until I saw the videos because they were played one time during those elections and then neglected. If Bush in 2004 or McCain in 2008 had said those comments they would be emblazoned in your memory.

Jim Rutenberg, on the front page of the New York Times, laid out a series of charges against Trump and then stated, “Because if you believe all of those things, you have to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the past half-century, if not longer, and approach it in a way you’ve never approached anything in your career. If you believe a Trump presidency as potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that.”

Rutenberg has to be either a liar or just plain ignorant. His paper and a preponderance of the press is using the same textbook they used against Nixon, Goldwater, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain and Romney. They always believe a Republican presidential candidacy is potentially dangerous to our society: To the march forward of socialism, their leftist ideas and the expansion of government. The difference is Trump does not put up with their garbage.


If there is any doubt the Press has an agenda that has nothing to do with Trump, the Washington Post editorial board wrote The Hillary Clinton Email Story is Out of Control. This is directly after the release of the FBI notes showing that Clinton destroyed emails after a Congressional subpoena and order to preserve the emails. Their stunning editorial has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with helping Clinton win the election.

Many Republicans have turned on Trump because they think it will court favor with the press and make them seem statesmanlike. Fools like Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) believe that. When she runs again the Press will turn on her.

From my days of involvement in the California Republican Party, I developed a mantra for dealing with the internecine wars between moderates and conservatives. Bewildered by the stupidity of their thoughts and actions, I suggested to them that the person they were ranting against was someone with whom they agreed on 85 percent of the issues. That person’s Democrat opponent is probably someone they agree with 15 percent of the time. My question then was – what is the question?

This is a war of ideas. Clinton is going to lead us further toward centralized government and restriction of personal freedoms. Trump along with the Republican Congress will tear down the regulatory state and restore freedom of choice to Americans.


Time to choose Clinton, the Press and Socialism; or Trump, freedom and Capitalism. All the rest of this is hogwash.

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