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Trumps Chief of Staff Pick May Be Most Important Decision Entering 2020 Elections

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President Donald J. Trump needs a talented and effective Chief of Staff to help him the next two years with the departure of John Kelly.  There are a handful of people who can perform this job in a way that both continues the promise-keeping of this White House and effectively manages a staff that has some embedded members of the “November 9th Club” - the political Chameleons who became Trump supporters the day after Trump was elected president.  


Some great candidates are in the mix, including Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), but the choice that seems the best fit is former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie.

One quality needed is somebody who can help promote the many accomplishments of President Trump during his two years in office. Despite the Never-Trump media who refuses to focus on the achievements of the Trump Administration, the facts are that this president has had two years of promise-keeping with the highlights being two Supreme Court picks, a dramatic tax cut bill, repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, and regulatory reform that has inspired a historic economic expansion.  The list of accomplishments includes, almost 4 million jobs created during the Trump Administration, unemployment at a record low for every demographic and the creation of manufacturing jobs.  An effective Chief of Staff will continue the small government and low tax policies that inspire private sector growth.  Both Bossie and Rep. Meadows could handle this aspect of the job effectively.

This position also requires a skilled fighter to battle the enemies of Trump in the media, the opposition party and Never-Trumpers in the Republican Party. This Administration has faced unprecedented negativity. Democrats are expected to use the full power of the House of Representatives to forward their 2020 goal of unseating President Trump by using hearings as a political fishing expedition to create the appearance of scandal in the Trump Administration. Some Never-Trump Republicans will try to convince a squishy Republican to commence a kamikaze mission to damage President Trump’s general election chances with a bloody primary.  The president will need a leader of his White House staff who is tough and can navigate the D.C. shark infested waters including members of both parties.  


It is time for the president to pick a White House Chief of Staff who agrees with his policies and will let Trump be Trump. The best candidate who has been the subject of rumor is David Bossie, co-author of two books about the Trump presidency with Corey Lewandowski.  Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) would also be a great choice, but he may be more effective in Congress as a leader of the House Freedom Caucus. Bossie has extensive experience in investigations as he was Chief Investigator for the House Oversight Committee in the late 90s, therefore he knows how to fight the expected death by a thousand investigations the House Democrats have planned for the next Congress.

Bossie said on Fox News this week, as quoted by the Washington Examiner, the president needs “a political, legislative and communications strategic person who can come in here and help him with his 2020 re-elect, as well as somebody who will be able to handle what is this subpoena cannon.” Bossie is right and he fits that description. Bossie went on to argue that the president needs, "somebody's who's going to understand what the House is going to do to him and the White House staff, and trying to drag them into a legal process and an investigative process that will slow down the success of this White House." David Bossie can stop that from happening with his House experience and experience he has as head of the group Citizens United.

Bossie is from Massachusetts, like me, and I have found that politically active conservatives from that state tend to be militarized against the left.  The state is mocked as “the Peoples’ Republic of Massachusetts” for a reason and if one is a conservative from that state – expect that person to be a fighter.  


President Trump needs a scrapper who is willing to dig in and fight the expected enemies of Trump who will use the power of Congress and a friendly media to beat him up the next two years.  He also needs somebody who will fight for the Trump agenda that has led to unprecedented economic growth and a general good feeling about rising job prospects.  Rep. Meadows would be a great choice, but Bossie would be a perfect fit for this White House moving forward.

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