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MSNBC Vacations With Terrorists, Dateline Steals a Scoop, WaPo Looks into the Virginity of a Candidate

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Presentation Paradox – MSNBC

  • She wants nothing to do with Florida  except vacationing there with her family. Other than that…!

In what could possibly be the best-distilled example of this very category, on MSNBC the perpetually imbalanced hostess Nicolle Wallace was covering (that is, over-hyping) the NAACP travel advisory against POC people vacationing in Florida, a warning based on nothing resembling reality. 

She then turned to Aisha Mills, who went on to describe the state as being openly hostile to both POC and gay individuals.

Small matter, in order to buy into her claim Florida is a "terrorist state," we have to gloss over her admission that she was just there vacationing with her children. 

Anti-Social Media – WASHINGTON POST

  • He seems particularly bothered by the question he could not help but ask.

There may be no other politician who gets the press to expose themselves like Senator Tim Scott. With no effort on his part, the fact that he is a prominent black GOP senator manages to see him peppered with comments and questions that would not be uttered in regards to other POC politicians. Case in point, WaPo's politics reporter Ben Terris actually asked this of Scott:

Just to grasp the depth of the intolerance on display here, just ask yourself how likely it would be that Terris would dare ask such a question of a female Democrat. He would become roundly run out of the business due to pressure from Dems and other journalists. 

 Stolen Validity – NBC NEWS / DATELINE

  • To be honest, hardly anyone saw it, but still…

On its investigative series "Dateline," we see NBC News resorting to a claim it was breaking a story regarding the University of Iowa shootings. They report that the alleged shooter had previously broken into the residence of his victims in order to convince them to install video surveillance, something he may have used to stalk his victims. 

Only issue – this detail was brought forward last month by Chris Cuomo on NewsNation. "Dateline" gave no attribution to this.

Demo-lition Project – CNN

  • These are not the landmarks a network wants to see.

As the roiling waters have yet to still ever since the town hall with Donald Trump, they do seem to be receding (to force the metaphor), at least as far as ratings are concerned. Last week, CNN closed out with an average audience of just 371,000 in primetime as the network was seeing lows not experienced in nearly a decade. The experiment with moving "Talking To Chris Wallace" has to be seen as a complete bust, as he draws barely over 220,000 in the 10 pm slot. 

Fox News has experienced significant losses from Tucker Carlson's departure, losing one-quarter of the audience it had year-over-year and a sharp drop of -40% in the advertiser demo, a sign of how much of a diverse audience Tucker drew in. But this is mitigated by Fox retaining its perch at #1 and CNN managing to see percentage drops from its already meager ratings position. 

Reporting on the Mirror – FOX NEWS

After weeks of leaked information and inside videos of Tucker Carlson meant to make him look poorer but instead endearing him to more people, it is probable that the Carlson camp is returning fire, in a manner, by delivering some damaging character intel on the network. The Daily Signal reports it has been granted a network handbook that shows how Fox News has a bit of a woke agenda inside its corporate offices, surely something surprising to a share of its audience:

Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender. They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace. Fox also offers to help employees come up with a “Workplace Transition Plan” to ease their gender transition at work. 

Anti-Social Media – MIAMI HERALD

  • Another case when not saying anything was the easiest thing to do.

Newly promoted Ron DeSantis Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern details, in trademarked fashion on social media, that he was contacted by the Miami Herald in a lecturing fashion. Redfern was informed by Senior Editor Dave Wilson that he did not appreciate Redfern posting a meme that used the paper's logo. The best is Wilson not grasping that by complaining, he became the embodiment of the meme.


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