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Media Lectures: Don’t Drink Coffee, Don’t Wear a Sombrero, and Don’t Use the C-Word!

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  • Feliz Five May, todo del mundo!

Yes, today is Cinco de Mayo, a rather contrived holiday that most of Mexico does not celebrate, but Americans, restaurants, and liquor companies recognize. It seemed certain there would have to be a lecture out there on the "proper" way to celebrate, and sure enough, we get a lecture from Krys'tal Griffin of The News Journal:

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo can be a fun celebration for people of all backgrounds, but it is important to recognize that commemorating Mexican culture and heritage — the true meaning of the holiday — is very different than culturally appropriating it. Cultural appropriation in relation to a holiday like Cinco de Mayo includes wearing a sombrero or other Mexican cultural garb in a way that mocks or is a caricature of those with Mexican heritage, mimicking stereotypes of Mexican people or contributing to prejudice against those of Mexican descent in any way. 

I'm sure she feels better having gotten that sermon out to the public so everyone will behave accordingly. Meanwhile, I will disregard the hectoring and behave as my usual loco self.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – THE DAILY BEAST

Joining in on the media bash of news outlets procuring their piece of the allegedly non-disclosed evidence from the Fox News defamation suit is the Daily Beast. They have glommed onto their collection of Tucker Carlson text messages, and the outlet excitedly proclaims their scoop proves…something.

The biggest draw in the unredacted transcripts is that – get ready for this – Carlson used "the C-word" in reference to Sidney Powell in a private text message. The experts at the Beast suggest this led to Tucker being fired. Sure, guys, okay…

Stealth Story Evolution – NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO

Based on a series of emails, reporter Bobby Allyn wrote how Elon Musk had contacted him about the status of NPR on the platform, wondering if the outlet that loudly declared it would no longer post on the site was returning, and speculating if not, that he might reassign the account to another company. This sent Allyn into a small rage, and he wrote up how this was unacceptable.

But then, when Allyn tried to post his article on Twitter, it wouldn't link to his article. He declared that Musk had seen to it the article was blocked, and in response, he posted screenshots of his entire article in a thread. A number of journalists – Judd Legum, Justin Baragona, and Aaron Rupar – saw this outrage, and they detailed the affrontery and also shared the screenshots of Allyn's article to show Musk up. 

Then – they steadily deleted their posts. It turned out that Allyn had to sheepishly admit that he had screwed up and posted the link to his article incorrectly, so it was not active.

Matching Media Memorandum – ESQUIRE MAGAZINE

This stupid cycle in the press continues, where contradictory information about a foodstuff comes out about every six months to a year. Something is cited as being ruinous to your life, then later, we get "a study shows" that same item can be beneficial in controlled amounts. Coffee is one of the most rebooted products, and now we get the negative spin cycle, courtesy of Esquire.

Caffeine, of course, is the culprit, but in displaying a number of people with conditions impacted by the component, almost every case is the person self-diagnosing that caffeine was to blame. Writer John McDermott spoke to a number of experts, and a glaring amount of those attest to consuming coffee on the regular. The best is that as he declares "a growing contingent" of people are coming out against coffee, his evidence of this is – an anti-caffeine Reddit group.

Race to the Bottom – SIRIUS-XM RADIO

After years of being one of the most paranoid Covid protocol proponents, it seems that Howard Stern is willing to go outside and co-mingle with society once again. On his show, he was talking about attending New York Knicks games, and he gets courtside seats while sitting among other celebrities in Madison Square Garden. But all is not glamorous, it seems.

Stern expressed frustration that the players frequently come up to greet the other famous names around him, but he is never engaged by the Knicks.

They put me courtside and the black players won’t come over and say hello to me, but they go over to Spike Lee. I’ll be sitting next to Tracy Morgan or Chris Rock – and a lot of times when I’m there, I’m next to Tracy Morgan, who is so funny, and he’s sitting there and like, couple of the players will come over. I just get upset. I’m like, you know, fame to me is very important. I’ll admit it. I like people to recognize me. Yeah, maybe they don’t like me. I don’t know. Yeah, maybe they don’t like me. I don’t know. I hope it’s racial. That’s all.

So, the players are being racist, is that the takeaway here?


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