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Tucker Killed the Military

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Anti-Social Media – POLITICO

In the wake of Tucker's departure, Politico arrives with comments about the decision from the military complex. Carlson has had his share of criticisms about how our military complex has been operating over the past few years. Much of that has to do with the way the brass has been focusing on social issues and other concerns that are not exactly bolstering our military might.

As proof, Politico managed to get quotes from a number of Pentagon officials disparaging Carlson, as well as the in-house news service offering caustic words about him leaving. One official went so far as to say, "He repeatedly cherry-picked department policies and used them to destroy DoD as an institution." 

A news pundit managed to "destroy" the Department of Defense? That explains quite a bit, as does hearing officials deliver harsher words for Carlson than for a Chinese spy mission that flew a balloon over our airspace for a week.

Reporting on the Mirror – FOX NEWS

  • It seems pretty assured that Carlson is going to be just fine.

While speculation continues as to the reason behind the decision, the recently released Tucker Carlson has been surfacing, and he is not – despite reports to the contrary – looking despondent and hunkering away from the public. He has been spotted darting around his Florida home with the family, looking rather relaxed and happy.

He also posted a video on Twitter. It does not address the departure specifically, but instead, he addresses the larger condition of our culture these days. What is amazing is the amount of interest he generated with his two-minute video.

Fox News has seen the ratings in Tucker's old time slot take a dive over the past few days. Meanwhile, his video has shown to be far more popular. As of publishing, more than 60 million people have watched his clip on Twitter.

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – CBS NEWS

  • There was no gun charge; now, there are not even guns!

CBS News, as well as the Justice Department, are left looking like fools over the latest development over the intelligence leaker Jack Teixeira. The DOJ filed court documents saying he should remain in custody as a flight risk. Part of this is due to violent language he was recorded using – while in high school. Also, authorities reportedly found a cache of weapons in his home.

Catherine Herridge dutifully reports on this, despite the fact Teixeira was not charged with a gun crime. He also was not illegally in possession of the weapons. This is because he was apparently not even in possession of weapons.

In the report, Herridge displayed photos of the "weapons cache" – and they are red-tipped Airsoft toy guns.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CBS NEWS

CBS News is having a tough day of it. Citing a People Magazine report, they claim that former NBA great Dwyane Wade moved from the state of Florida because his family" 'would not be accepted or feel comfortable there' because of anti-LGBTQ+ policies in the state." Wade's daughter is openly transgender, and the claim is that they left due to the recent laws passed by Ron DeSantis.


There is a reason you see Wade saying "would not" as opposed to "were not." This is because Wade and his family moved to California for the career of Gabrielle Union, according to Wade. 

'We miss Miami,' says Wade, who retired from professional basketball last year. 'Of course, that definitely had become home to us, especially my kids. But my wife [Gabrielle Union] works in L.A., my daughters lived in L.A. with my wife, so we’ve got to go. My home is where my family is.'

They made the move to California well ahead of any laws passed in Florida – back in 2019.

Pounce of Prevention – CNN

  • Defending the president and the press in one swift deflection.

Yesterday, it was a disturbing revelation when a Getty News photographer caught an image of Joe Biden's scripted cheat sheet that had the name and picture of Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian, as well as a full question expected from the reporter.

The LA Times is in full denial that they worked with the administration, and in covering this episode, CNN looked everything over and decided who the real culprits are – the Republicans who dare to mention this happened.

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – WASHINGTON POST

  • Ignoring one's lies to report on the response to them.

We mentioned here on Tuesday that Jose Biden made a number of farcical, fraudulent comments during his announcement he was running for office in 2024 and that no fact-checkers came out with coverage. Well, we are here to issue a follow-up correction.

Sort of.

Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post managed to deliver a fact-check on comments from Tuesday after all. Except, it was not on what Biden said – he chose to fact-check Donald Trump's response to Biden's announcement.


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