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Presentation Paradox – FOX NEWS

  • It's so unfair because nobody thought to ask.

As the Tucker Carlson January 6 video releases continue to see the press spinning out of control, Tucker conducted a phone interview with Glenn Beck, and he made a rather surprising revelation – about the press.

For all of the criticism he has been receiving – even he claims in the form of personal text messages – not one journalist who has complained about him possessing these tapes has asked him if he would share the videos with them. Beck became the first to ask him if he could have access, and he agreed.

Pre-Written Field Reports – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • Well, if they looked into the matter, then they couldn't use his image, of course.

As we detailed on Friday, a completely ludicrous bill came from one GOP senator in the Florida Senate, wanting to have bloggers register as lobbyists. I said at the time it was an asinine piece of legislation, doomed to fail. I also suggested it was not something Ron DeSantis favored, a suspicion backed up when I spoke with his communications team.

That very act – reaching out to his office – was something beyond the skillset of many reporters. Note just how many outlets ran with screeching commentary over the bill, all of them alluding directly that it was a DeSantis concept from the start.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – WASHINGTON POST

You people, sitting there on your sofa, dwelling on your quotidian anxieties while binge-streaming distractions while quaffing discount beer, have no idea how good you have it. You are not enduring the travails experienced by Monica Hesse!

The Washington Post firefighter has to comb through the voluminous tranche of tweets from author J. K. Rowling in order to find her anti-trans content. And, get this – Rowling makes it hard because she is not a flaming phobic who flies off of the handle with obvious hatred. She couches her views in language that is not obvious and needs to be hunted down and parsed in order to prove how vile she is!

News Avoidance Syndrome – TEXAS TRIBUNE

  • Now, why cite a vital study proving the problem when we can just blame the Republican governor?!

In something of a surprising move, Texas A&M has announced it is eliminating its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program. We covered this issue recently when it was shown that an internal university study showed how since it was instituted, the DEI standards had delivered the opposite results. Students across all demographics reported lower feelings of inclusion, with black students – the target demographic – experiencing the worst drop, as barely half of those on campus felt as if they belonged within the student body.

At the Texas Tribune (an outlet funded in part by TAMU), this jarring result was not considered a factor. Instead, the removal of the program was blamed entirely on Governor Greg Abbott mandating it be closed down.

  • "The Texas A&M, Texas State and University of Houston systems are the latest to make changes after Gov. Greg Abbott ordered state agencies to stop considering diversity in their hiring practices."

Low Octane Gas Lighting – ASSOCIATED PRESS

In a hilariously slanted dose of "reporting," the AP was on hand at the newest meeting of the revamped Reedy Creek District advisors. This was the Disney World district near Orlando that had been under the purview of Disney for decades but had been stripped by Ron DeSantis and the state legislature last year.

This new board was composed of DeSantis appointees, and Mike Schneider reports that there was little to note in the way of controversy, and they dealt with rather mundane policies; bond issues and firefighting equipment were on the agenda – but Schneider just KNOWS something bad will happen…eventually.

  • "Overhauled by sweeping legislation signed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis as punishment for Disney publicly challenging Florida's so-called 'Don't Say Gay' bill — dealt with the rote affairs. But the five board members appointed by DeSantis hinted Wednesday at future controversial actions they may take, including prohibiting COVID-19 restrictions at Disney World and recommending the elimination of two cities."

Hopefully, for Mike's sake, something truly objectionable happens soon for him to report on!


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