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  • So a GOP candidate is regarded as the worst thing for this country…for the 12th election in a row.

If you are not familiar with historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat, there are basically only two things you need to know. She rarely, if ever, has a critical word about the dangers of any leaders from the left. Second, of those leaders on the right that she comments on, they are uniformly regarded as the worst possible examples found, who will lead to the worst possible results ever seen.

This setup is needed so you will be looking at her measure of the leadership of Ron DeSantis with perspective – as she declares him to be the worst possible choice for the country.

Gilded Reframe – MSNBC

  • It is not our fault that we hated people bringing up the lab leak!

The recent announcement from the Biden administration that the likelihood is that the Covid-19 outbreak originated from a viral laboratory is becoming a real problem. It is showing up to be a supreme embarrassment for so many in press circles we need to only sit back and marvel at the reactions by those who previously wanted to shut down any talk on the matter.

Mehdi Hasan delivers a prime example of this as he attempts to justify journalists shutting down the story for years. His explanation – "It's hard to have a good faith disagreement about a major issue if the issue itself has been hijacked by bad faith folks."

To summarize for Mehdi: The press did not like the people who were willing to discuss the lab leak theory, so it is their fault that the press then refused to do their jobs.


  • Here's a hint of just how dedicated this outfit is to wiping out disinformation on the left.

There is all kinds of fun to be had with the lab leak retrospective. One particular component involves looking at how Senator Tom Cotton was roundly dumped on by the "experts" regarding the possibility the virus escaped from a lab. And one particular example of this is highlighted here involving an Anne Applebaum comment.

We bring her up because Ms. Applebaum is part of the Global Disinformation Index. The GDI was the outfit that labeled Townhall on its list of sites advertisers should avoid, claiming we put out disinformation – as seen from Ms. Applebaum, shown above.

Race to the Bottom – AXIOS

Axios comes up with a plight not really reported on prior but seems an inevitable report, all the same. They highlight that there are a number of buildings and historical sites of significance to the black community.

We have to believe that no important buildings or historical sites for any other ethnic groups are being destroyed.

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE

At PBS – the network that features big business sponsors and corporate grants supporting each program – they delivered a documentary on the vile evils of capitalism – as delivered through the board game Monopoly.

This is supposedly a nefarious diversion that teaches all of the most horrific aspects of our economic system. Every speaker seems to try to outdo each other about the pernicious aspects of this board game, with the best clearly being the economist who strives to have the most hysterical take on the subject.

  • "The dynamics written into the rules of this game were never intended to be the rules. It should come with a health warning, like a packet of cigarettes."


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