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NBC News Is Put on Blast By DeSantis

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Both Kinds of Standards – NBC NEWS

  • Taking a proactive stance against misinformation – just not coming FROM the media.

It is rather revealing how vacant the charges of misinformation are and how false the concern for our nation is due to these lies, based on the selective manner the press looks at misinformation. 

Yesterday we detailed how Andrea Mitchell delivered blatantly prefabricated accusatory inaccuracies regarding Governor Ron DeSantis. ("Lying", as it is known to laymen.) Mitchell claims DeSantis wants the teaching of slavery removed from schools, the lie proven by the fact that laws exist requiring those subjects in schools – which were signed by DeSantis. The DeSantis communications team has requested corrections from NBC News on the issue, but so far there has not been any word from the network.

As a result, DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin has announced that his office will cease engaging with the news network until there is a correction on the matter from Mitchell. It is sad to say that this is the kind of action needed to get news outlets to take action regarding their actions, but it is needed.

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – USA TODAY

Yesterday we mentioned how President Biden's latest chapter in his ever-evolving formative years would likely be avoided by the likes of journalism's fact-checkers. Annnnd, sure enough – USA Today arrives with this handy look-busy entry from social media.

Instead of looking into Biden's latest daft claims, Nate Trela digs into a story shared on FaceBook (The post was shared more than 100 times in less than a day!) alleging a man is going around and cutting off the man-buns on over three dozen victims. The story began on a parody website, but the image was cropped to look real, so USA Today spares us from the potentially damaging story. The best, we get told that this is considered an example of what they call "stolen satire."

Low Octane Gas Lighting – MSNBC

  • If this is the national impression of the state, then why are some many clamoring to move there??

More DeSantis dismayed demagoguery, as Joy Reid fill-in host Jason Johnson tries to say DeSantis will not play on the national stage. He and the warped Kurt Bardella try to draw a slanted picture of the state. Really, meth and book bans? And when have the last mass shootings taken place?! (Okay, he has a point on the alligators…)

The laughable aspect though is saying that Americans are not interested in what Florida is doing. Although, there is that one piece of contradictory data – the fact that more people are currently relocating to Florida than any other state.

Presentation Paradox – SLATE

  • We were not aware that the entire internet was on trial, but here we are.

It just had to be painful for Slate to look at a story and discover that they basically had to pay a professional compliment to SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Then again, when they are approaching a story from the standpoint that conservatives were trying to use the Supreme Court to bring the internet down, it probably sounded good to let those undesirables know they conservative icon was working against them!

The issue here is there is a case before the Court regarding the Section 230 matter with social media platforms. The hyperbole is that this is a full assault on the very underpinnings of the entire internet. And, of course it is those darned conservatives behind this dastardly effort!

Small contradiction, however. In the same piece, as Slate details all of the items those on the right are fighting for, the site also lets it be known that people on the other side are expressing just as much interest.

  • Some progressives, meanwhile, are disgruntled by the expansive immunity it grants to monopolistic corporations like Meta and Google.

Despite factions on both sides having an interest in this ruling, Slate declares that it is purely a "right-wing assault" on the internet.


There apparently are still those who are trying to make "Latinx" happen. It has been roundly mocked, not only by those who looks at this objectively and with common sense, but Hispanics, in general, have rejected altering their language on behalf of activist lectures.

Now an op-ed in the SF Chronicle comes out to declare anyone refusing to honor the use of this term is behaving in a transphobic manner. 

What is baffling is that the term should really only apply to those who declare to be one of the dozens of non-binary manufactured genders now out there. Trans individuals mostly demand that they be recognized by their new gender, and therefore the masculine/feminine aspects of Spanish would not be a problem.

Hispanics have said in numerous polls they would not use "Latin-X" at a rate of 95% against, if not more. So this is a great idea for a newspaper - in California - to act this hostile towards a segment of the population when circulation numbers are crashing.


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