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The Press Insists This Was Biden’s Brandenburg Moment

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Matching Media Memorandum – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • We will just insist on this; no need to deliver any pithy quotes as proof.

The big news was that President Jose Biden made a trip to visit Zelensky in Ukraine.

While most in the media avoided asking why he would go to a foreign country instead of the disaster scene in East Palestine, Ohio, many were busy insisting to us on the import of this visit. It was historical, you see. How much so? Well, a number of outlets were able to place Biden’s mumbling in the war-torn nation into proper perspective.

  • MSNBC – “It’s like when JFK went to Berlin in 1963.” 
  • THE GUARDIAN – “John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan had their speeches in Berlin. Joe Biden now has Kyiv, a moment to define his presidency and its era.”
  • DAILY BEAST – Kennedy and then Reagan in Berlin. Now Biden in Kyiv.”
  • THE JERUSALEM POST – Woodrow Wilson would have liked this and also FDR and JFK. Each spelled out a vision of the US as the armorer of democracies.”
  • CNN – “Biden going there today, it’s going to be a moment for the history books. It’s like when JFK went to Berlin in 1961.”

Pre-Written Field Reports – USA TODAY

If you missed it over the weekend, Tiger Woods had to issue an apology during a post-round press conference – the reason why is ridiculous, but not more so than the reactions that commanded the apology.

During match play, Tiger was partnered with his good friend Justin Thomas. On one hole, Woods drove further than Thomas off the tee, and he slyly walked up to his friend and slid something in his hand. This being Tiger, of course, his every action is basically witnessed by a crowd and the cameras, and so a forensic study was performed on this exchange. It was learned that Woods had done what practically all men do on a golf course – you brag and humiliate your friends when the opportunity arrives. He did so by sliding a tampon into the hand of his friend.

Once this was realized, there was selective outrage from many, including Christine Brennan of USA Today Sports. The sports columnist penned a lengthy diatribe over this cutting move that is seen on a daily basis on just about any golf course:

I’m guessing most of the millions of fathers and mothers who support athletic daughters probably have retired juvenile pranks that were intended to demean those girls they love. But not our Tiger. he employed basic misogyny to insult his good friend Thomas."

Does hearing about Tiger’s tampon trick mean a young female athlete coming out of college won’t try golf? That notion might be a bit extreme, but let’s put it this way: when the biggest name in the sport’s history is giddily spreading misogyny down the fairway, it might just confirm a woman’s suspicions about golf and send her to any one of the scores of other sports she can play for the rest of her life without running into a dude playing a juvenile tampon joke.

There is no way this was some kind of explosive social infraction. Nobody else – and I mean nobody – could honestly be affected by this move of Woods unless they actively strive to be outraged. Proof? Had no one heard about him doing this, then not a single person beyond Justin Thomas would have been the least bit affected. It is only upon being presented with the visuals that anyone would take the position of offense. 

And if Brennan were truly concerned about his actions possibly steering a young female golfer away from the sport, then the last thing she would want to do is broadcast what he did. All of this is hollow posturing for woke accolades and nothing more.

News Avoidance Syndrome – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • When a female golfer resorted to a similar dose of sexism, there was nary an outrage to be heard.

Back in 2005, it was a different, more tolerable era, apparently. That year, during a co-ed skins competition, Annika Sorenstam was partnered with Fred Funk. On one hole, they each teed off, and the LPGA champion had outdriven Funk. He immediately went over to course officials to get a ruling. His lobbying effort was to say that even as she had driven her ball farther, it came to rest outside his spot on the fairway. His argument; because of positioning, his ball was technically closer to the pin than hers. This was not, however, a case of a petty male being unable to accept the result. It turned out that Funk and Sorenstam had placed a wager, and the official ruling was that it was to see who would go farther off the tee, so Annika legitimately outdrove Funk.

The result? Sorenstam presented the PGA pro with a flowery knee-length skirt that he was compelled to wear as he played in front of a filled gallery. Tellingly, there was not a flood of journalist think-pieces and social media outrage in the wake of this course-grade insult delivered between duffers.

First Amendment Strike Force – ASSOCIATED PRESS

There have been pretty decisive negative reactions to the news of a British publishing house deciding to comb through the collective works of author Roald Dahl and supplant any questionable passages with more sanitized, contemporary, woke expressions. As the Associated Press details this disturbing whitewashing of literature, they cannot seem to bring themselves to accurately describe what is taking place. It seems “critics” are calling it censorship, but the AP has to resort to the euphemism, “removed colorful language from works …to make them more acceptable to modern readers.” 

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – NBC NEWS

The announced campaign of Nikki Haley continues to have the press working overtime to diminish the chances of a POC conservative woman. This time it is NBC News, alerting America that there is opposition to Haley’s run from people of her own ethnic group.

The outlet says that Indian Americans are not happy with her running for the highest office. Resorting to the tried method of quoting “experts,” the article resorts to the words from the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Victory Alliance. Not to suggest that this is a bit of a slanted activist group – but the members of the AAPI advisory council are former Obama administration names.

Even more telling, there is a notable lack of “experts” spoken with for the piece who are in support of Haley. 

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • Pardon us for requiring a bit of a more authoritative voice on true conservatism.

Take your pick on this one: Which is the least credible source on whether Ron DeSantis is truly a conservative leader?


- Larry Hogan

Trick question, obviously. NOTA.


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