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After President Biden gave his historic speech before (some of) Congress last Wednesday evening CNN hosted a panel of leftist sycophants to analyze the night. The blatantly slobbering affair was full with fulsome praise for the man, but then Gloria Borger took things to a new level. The expert analyst was being critical of some comments made by Donald Trump, where she was perturbed that the former President was not giving the current President proper credit on his pandemic response.


Borger made the astounding announcement that, "everybody understands that Operation Warp Speed happened under Joe Biden." It is something to behold.

Note here not only her fractured view of the facts, but that nobody on the panel made anything close to a correction to her statement. Later, Gloria did circle back and made a correction on her statement -- sort of. She tries to have it both ways, saying Trump gets credit for Operation Warp Speed, but it is Joe Biden who is responsible for people actually becoming vaccinated. 

The term “gaslighting” has become slightly overused these days, but Borger’s attempted realignment of facts here fits the term and it is hardly something isolated with her performance on Wednesday. CNN as a network has been hard at work over the past 100 days to recast the vaccine narrative and give full credit to Joe Biden for the three vaccines brought to market by Donald Trump -- the vaccines he was mocked over when he made his bold announcement of their rapid arrival.

Just one day earlier CNN gave a lengthy report on Biden’s supposedly heroic effort to get America vaccinated, calling it “a wartime effort” and echoing another entry the day prior, describing the administration as having instituted a concerted effort to fix the vaccine rollout. If this sounds suspiciously like ad copy penned by the DNC, and filtered through the White House Press Office you are correct in that feeling.

  • The effort, described to CNN during in-depth interviews with three of the administration's top Covid advisers and two other White House officials, has allowed the US to go from having one of the worst Covid responses in the world to being a global leader in getting shots in arms.

After giving some passing mention to the efforts put in place by Trump administration officials, writer Ashley Semler turns to the favorite authority of the press, Dr. Anthony Fauci. The perpetually contradicting doctor did not disappoint. “The nation's top infectious disease specialist -- who once disputed that the Biden team was starting from scratch -- now says that the Biden team deserves credit for the current state of the vaccine roll out.” That dispute mentioned was in reference to another ridiculous CNN report, one made on Biden’s first full day in office claiming that he had been left no plan whatsoever to distribute the three vaccines that magically appeared on the market.

In order for any of these empty claims to take root it is required that certain realities be thrown overboard first. To start, the man who had to allegedly build a nonexistent vaccine plan somehow had managed to get himself vaccinated before last Christmas, something CNN energetically reported on at the time. Then there is the small matter of the vaccines administered prior to the inaugural.


On January 20, when Joe Biden was sworn in as President, there were over 1.5 million vaccines administered that day, somehow taking that running total to around 20 million by that date. 

Not only is that an impressive figure to achieve without a distribution network in place, as the asinine claim goes, but it was already on pace to hit the 100 million vaccines in 100 days mark that Biden set as HIS supposed goal. Joe could have sat back and taken no action whatsoever, and he would have been able to make that goal -- and undoubtedly he would have been praised for the accomplishment.

We know this, because one of the other rave reviews bestowed upon Biden is that he saw fit that all adults would be eligible for vaccinations by April of this year. That is not just some gaudy cheerleading by the network but it flies directly in the face of another goal -- the one established by Donald Trump, last fall. 


With the arrival of not one but two vaccines impending President Trump last September stated that he would see fit that all adults would become eligible to be vaccinated by...the upcoming April. This is another remarkable milestone that Trump predicted AND achieved, yet not only is his accomplishment being whitewashed into a Joe Biden success story, it defies what CNN themselves said in response to this boast.

On September 18, in discussing the upcoming rollout of the vaccines, the President declared, "Millions of doses will be available every month, and we expect to have enough vaccines for every American by April." CNN at the time, however, was far from impressed with this statement, instead looking very critically at the announced goal.

  • President Donald Trump claimed Friday there will be enough coronavirus vaccines for every American by April -- a claim that doesn't match any timeline given by the federal government's health agencies, private researchers or even the companies making the vaccines.

This is some remarkable narrative crafting taking place on a long range scale. This is not a case of one or two stories attempting to shift a focus, it is an orchestrated effort by the network to completely recast the historical record. The effort appears to be push out enough of these claims to dilute the actual record and reframe the accomplished goals as being a Joe Biden success story.


This becomes yet another case of Biden plagiarizing for his own edification. To see an entire news network, one that previously called to not politicize the pandemic, joining in to burnish his record is beyond disturbing. They are trying to inoculate the country from the truth.

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