During the Day of Unity and Truth, CNN Resorts to Lies Claiming Trump Left No Vaccine Plan for Biden

Posted: Jan 21, 2021 12:24 PM
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During the Day of Unity and Truth, CNN Resorts to Lies Claiming Trump Left No Vaccine Plan for Biden

Source: AP Photo/David Goldman, File

It is with no shortage of wise-eyed amusement that it was only a matter of hours before the press exposed themselves as the truth-averse outlets we have known them to be. CNN delivered a caustic complaint that poor President Biden is left with no means at all to deal with the distribution of the recently released Covid-19 vaccines. This claim is as shallow of a support narrative for Biden as it is laughable in its brazen prevarication.

Lies, falsehoods, gaslighting – these have been the types of constant complaints from the press during the Trump era. They have not only subsisted on this coverage for four years, it has also been used as a shield of convenience; falsehoods presented by the press could be obscured by the accusations and evident proof. When Trump accused them of “fake news” the defense was the president was attacking the free press, and no introspection into his claims was needed.

But now that Trump is gone their shield is no longer in play, and a veil is lifted. In a week when many in media circles have been raving about the new dawn in D.C., where truth and accuracy will be returned, they seem to be unaware their usual practices are now exposed when their Orange Muse isn’t available. This report reads like a screenplay from a three-camera sitcom, as opposed to the serious public information as it is positioned.

Relying on the practice of anonymous sources, CNN wastes no time in crafting their lies. The wild misinformation begins in the headline, where it states, “Biden is Inheriting a Non-Existent Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Plan,” a surprise to many, considering the vaccine has been distributed since last month. But CNN is laying groundwork here. This is seed-planting in order to grant Biden the leeway to both appear as if he is accomplishing things and to have an out, should things go sideways.

There are two realities that CNN is avoiding here in order to smear Trump and coddle Biden. The entire narrative prior to his swearing in is that Joe is going to fix the problems and heroically deliver results. Well, how can they claim today that he is hamstrung with the supposed discovery of the very problems they claimed were already in place? And how can they claim these problems exist when Biden’s declared goals of achievement are based on the already existing distribution framework?

Biden is not going to be directing individual hospitals from the Oval Office. The vaccine is being sent to states, governors are portioning them out based on needed areas, and local authorities are handling the direct distribution. Note, for instance, the lack of national outrage when Andrew Cuomo’s insipid mandates on the vaccine led to hospitals throwing out batches of the vials, because otherwise they faced severe penalties.

The second issue CNN dodges - facts. In order to say there is no distribution plan with a straight face, it means that the Biden administration and CNN are incapable of looking at the government agencies -- or incapable of using the internet. The vaccine distribution network is already in place, as it is entirely laid out by the Department of Health and Human Services. If Joe needs a breakdown on what to do, he can have an intern pull up the web page laying out the process.

To claim the Biden team is building things from scratch is to pretend nothing has been done, which has been the press’ standard operating procedure since the announcement of the vaccine arrival. For most of last year, Trump was ridiculed over his stated desire to have a vaccine by year’s end. He instead ended up with two coming to market, and a third almost ready. Once the rollout was here the media notably took great pains to never mention Trump’s name in their reports. After declaring it would take a miracle to get a vaccine that fast, it now appears to have arrived with miraculously no motivation behind it.

The other lie being sold is that Biden is going to struggle to meet his promised goal of 100 million vaccine shots in 100 days. The truth is that while they want to claim no network is in place, there are close to 1million shots administered a day, right now. This means that for Biden to reach his goal he needs to do nothing; they could actually scale back distribution. As more production is ramped up – and a third vaccine is being readied for distribution – that per-day figure should instead easily rise beyond 1 million shortly.

All of that is taking place now, before Biden’s policies have even been instituted. The man can do little right now, make no changes, and still hit his goal. But CNN wants to instead make claims that nothing has been done. This fable is more transparent than the vaccine serum itself, and the reason for the myth-making is beyond obvious.

The thing to note is this is already playing out in the environment where these same press members are cheering the new age of transparency and the return to truth-telling in politics. CNN has to resort to blatant falsehoods in order to tell the “truth” about Biden’s accomplishments. It is all so easily exposed now that the specter of Donald Trump is gone and they have none of the usual cover to shield their gamesmanship.