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AP Photo/David Goldman

This right here is why the liberal media is mocked and disregarded. It deserves to be. This incident borders on state media antics we see from North Korea and banana republics. Of course, we all knew that the establishment media would treat Joe Biden’s address to Congress like an earth-shattering event. Joe’s our savior. Everything he’s done has never ever been accomplished in the history of the United States, right? Just like how no viruses ever existed until COVID came along. It’s all nauseating. 


Yet, what CNN’s Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger said at the conclusion of Biden’s speech was not only fake news, but it also offered another piece of solid evidence that we’re entering an era of de facto state media. 

There are many more examples, but this one right here sticks out since it’s so utterly incorrect. Borger said that it was Joe Biden who launched Operation Warp Speed, that it was his initiative to get us a COVID vaccine. We now have three, but that was a Trump initiative—and everyone mocked him when he said last year that by April 2021, all Americans who are eligible for the vaccine could get a shot. Well, that happened. Even when he’s out of office, he’s owning the liberal media. 

Also, no one corrected Borger when she peddled this grade-A piece of fake news. Yes, she corrected the record later, but the hand grenade was lobbed, and it went off. The damage is done. With Borger's remarks, many Americans now probably believe the vaccine was a Democrat initiative which speaks to how these outlets know about the power of misinformation, especially when they’re driving it. 


Operation Warp Speed happened under Biden. We are being gaslighted daily. They’re believing their own lies. 

I’ll just take this moment to say this: Thank you, President Trump. 

Your Operation Warp Speed remains a tremendous domestic achievement not just for your presidency, but for the country. It’s why we’re near herd immunity on COVID. It’s why there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

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