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Just Another New Year?

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When the clock struck 12am on January 1st another new year was entering history. Writers write, singers sing and financial pundits fill the airwaves, columns and blogs with what the average person should do to be “investment successful” in the year ahead.

Once again we are bombarded with those who say that without a certified financial planner in tow investment failure is certain. Others proclaim that the annual fees outweigh any so-called investment insight and strongly urge a “do it yourself approach”.

A managed portfolio verses a passive portfolio again becomes grist for the mill.

Income verses growth takes its turn as debate rages over the future of interest rates.

Stocks to buy, people to follow and strategies to embrace are always as fresh as new fallen snow in the New Year.

Making it all Just Another New Year!

Clouded by so much financial noise the average person usually tunes it all out. Unfortunately, the financial pundits, in repeating the same discussions of the past, do a great disservice to everyone. Tuning out, however, is the last thing that anyone should do.

Just Another New Year?

  • Oil plummeting to industry shaking lows.
  • Religious wars coming fast and furious.
  • Europe fracturing back to its historical roots.
  • Alliances being formed to dominate the world.
  • Excess stuff, people and things as far as the eye can see.
  • And, of course, politics, politics, politics.

For those who believe that the New Year brought in business as usual great surprises could be in store.

An entire world’s foundation is predicated on one philosophy. A philosophy which has been showing its age of late. A philosophy grounded in the ‘30’s and accepted by most. A philosophy that government is the end all and be all. A philosophy that promotes central banking as the first and last resort. A philosophy which in 2016 will be shown that it’s time is over. Keynesianism is in its death throes.

John Q. Public, pay attention.

When everything is based on one philosophy and that philosophy is shattered everything is called into question meaning our educational system, our financial system, our political system and even our military.

It’s all up for grabs and it all will affect you and your money.

Just Another New Year?

I hardly think so!

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