DOA? – Not Quite!

Posted: Jan 22, 2015 12:01 AM

Given that the House and now the Senate are under Republican control it would seem ludicrous that the President would announce programs that had no chance of passage. But announce he did.

Of course, a State of the Union address would not be a State of the Union address without the typical Corporate CEO and the struggling American family cozying up to the First Lady in the President’s box. Both were in full view as expected.

His one-liners about his not running for office and winning his last two times seemed to grab the attention of the liberal press as some sort of “ad lib” as opposed to obviously being written for him and put front and center on his teleprompter.

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44th A Presidential Conspiracy

Falling oil prices, rising stock market, the unemployment rate, job creation, record college graduation, all were chronicled as Obama accomplishments.

The Seattle Seahawks second straight Super Bowl appearance and Tom Brady’s sixth appearance seemed to have been left off of his list of things that HE was responsible for.

Most will insist the evening’s entertainment as light with no real substance or anything that will seriously be accomplished. Au contraire!


Several weeks ago the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was asked what it would take to actually destroy ISIL (ISIS) as a threat in the Middle East. Knowing full well that we have impeded, to some degree, the advancement of the radical group through our use of bombing and tactical support, he responded that he was concerned that the Iraqi troops seemed to fold at the sight of ISIS. They fled and dropped their guns only to be picked up and used by the enemy.

If our advisory capacity is working how many men, in his opinion, would it take to complete the job? His response was 80,000 and hinted at boots on the ground. Both Democrats and Republicans seemed to be in agreement and that they understood what had to be done.

Proudly proclaiming only 15,000 men remaining in Iraq and Afghanistan, the President went on to state in his address, “In Iraq and Syria, American leadership including our military POWER – is stopping ISIL’s advance”.

Then the show stopper!

“And tonight I call on this Congress to show the world that we are united in this mission by passing a resolution to authorize the use of FORCE against ISIL”.

Isn’t military POWER the equivalent of military FORCE?


Expect sooner rather than later the redeployment of 80,000 American soldiers, boots on the ground in some form, to protect the Middle Eastern oil which, with the collapse of shale oil, has once again become a valuable commodity.

Both sides of the aisle applauded vigorously at that request. The only thing they agreed upon all night long.


(when it comes to oil)