Our True Savior is Born

Posted: Dec 24, 2013 12:01 AM
Our True Savior is Born

Two thousand years ago, shepherds and wise men followed a star — a bright beacon of light that led them to a simple baby lying in a manger. Since that time, many have come forward to declare that they are the way, the path to a better life, the new light born to bring change. Yet each time those promises are made, there always seems to be something lacking. Sometimes these co-called self-anointed ones take their followers down paths that lead to war and self-annihilation. Other times, it merely gives riches and powers to those at the top, while all their followers wallow in simple self-preservation. Whether it was powerful horse-driven chariots or automobiles with cylinder-driven horsepower, the story never seems to change. “Follow me,” they say. “You deserve everything.” “I can make all your dreams come true.” “We’re the greatest country on earth.” “Anoint me, anoint me, anoint me.” Yet, after the initial fanfare, when the glitz and glamour have receded and the truth is exposed in the stark light of day, legions of followers begin wondering what’s different this time while they ask themselves if they’ve been duped once again. Whether it is a man named Caesar, an emperor, a king, or even a president, it’s still only a man.

No individual ever believed that they were simply being used to advance their leaders at the expense of the individual. They will study and learn how it happened to millions of people before them, yet somehow believe that this time it is different. The most unrelenting fact is that it is never “different this time,” whether you are wearing a toga or a well-made business suit.

Because of our advanced technology, those actions which once took centuries to complete, including the rise and fall of a leader or leadership, can now be completed in a mere decade, or even perhaps during a president’s second term.

Regardless, as people’s hopes are raised, only to be dashed again and again, there’s only one leader who’s been extraordinarily consistent. He has never promised more than He can deliver, He has provided more leadership, more unity, and more love than all the so-called Caesars, emperors, kings, and presidents combined. To this day, He still remains the light to follow, a simple baby lying in a manger.

Merry Christmas everyone.