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Sometimes, there are defining moments in politics.  George, Sr. said “read my lips, no new taxes,” or John McCain’s famous line “the economy is in solid shape.” 


I believe next week will be one of those defining moments. 

With jobs creation at zero (in reality, subtracting 87,000 birth/death, the jobs number is actually negative) and with the preponderance of other negative data added in, all eyes will be on both Obama’s speech and the Republican debate. 

From my perspective, Obama is on his own and will simply offer outdated and failed solutions to the employment problem.  The wrapping will be pretty and it will be an eloquent presentation, but people will say “nothing new here.” 

However, the big opportunity is on the Republican side.  My strong recommendation to Mitt, Michele, Ron, Rick, and the others, is take the offensive by offering specific recommendations for job creation. 

Take it from a guy who’s rooting for each and every candidate, however, I’m sick and tired hearing about the uncertainties the role of President brings to business.  I’m also totally fed up hearing about the generalities of closing tax loopholes. 

It seems every time one of the GOP candidates opens their mouth, they talk about how they’ll fight for jobs, or how they have a better understanding than anyone else.  That’s all well and good, but it’s time to talk specifics. 

Point out exactly which rules and regulations to clarify and precisely which tax loopholes to close, and boldly state in fine detail what you would do on day #1 as President of the United States.    


If you listen to Austan Goolsbee, Mark Zandi, or the Freddie (Alan) Kruegers of the world, you’ll first get sick to your stomach and then ask if everything is going along like the model predicted, then why are there zero jobs? 

If the silver lining is that, yes, no new jobs are being created, but no one is firing either (expressed by Mark Zandi on CNBC), why is there so much fear and trepidation both on Wall Street and in banking circles about imminent pink slips.  My fear is the Republican candidates will be too hesitant. 

Rather than focusing on the voters who will applaud their words, they’ll be too concerned about offending a potentially large percentage of voters.  Keep in mind; it’s much too early in the process to fear the polling data. 

Please, please, please, the country needs a strong leader right now.  Not twelve months from now, but now.  The Republicans must have the guts to spell out the specifics regardless of who it offends, and let the chips fall where they may. 

This is a defining moment. 

Let’s see who has the Presidential temper to seize the day with specifics, not a lot of bull.    

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