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No, the Democrats Don't Care About Israel

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For years, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has hosted President Obama or a high-ranking representative of his administration at their annual conference in Washington, D.C. No matter how anti-Israel the Obama administration's policies have been, no matter how hostile to Israel the president's rhetoric, AIPAC has offered President Obama or his lackeys a platform from which to tout their supposed pro-Israel credentials. AIPAC has always rationalized such outreach as an attempt to keep the pro-Israel position bipartisan, to cultivate supporters for the Jewish state on both sides of the aisle.

What a waste.

With President Obama's despicable Iran deal set for passage this week, with solely Democrat support, the Democratic Party has called the leftist Jewish community's bluff. Leftist Jews have played a sad game with the Democratic Party: They pretend that Israel's safety and security is their top priority, then make excuses as the Democratic Party moves more and more boldly to undermine that safety and security -- because, in truth, leftist Jews care less about Israel and Judaism than abortion and redistributionism. Former George H.W. Bush advisor James Baker discounted the Jewish vote by saying, "F--- the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway." The Obama administration, with the Iran deal, has adopted a similar view: F--- the Jews, they vote for us anyway.

And there is no question that the Iran deal screws the Jews. Under the best-case scenario, Iran receives $150 billion immediately in unfrozen assets and oil money from the United States and her allies. In return, Iran pinky swears not to develop nuclear weapons. But they don't need nukes with all of the benefits President Obama just gave them. Iran wants nukes in order to use such weapons as a deterrent while pursuing terrorist activity across the world, preventing the rest of the world from leveraging sanctions. But now the rest of the world has accepted Iran's terrorist activities openly. President Obama's deal guarantees regional power to Iran -- and then allows them to go nuclear with no consequences 10 years from now.


And that's the best-case scenario. Under the worst-case scenario, Iran grabs its money, funnels it into terrorism throughout the world, continues its takeover of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, and precipitates regional wars with virtually all of its neighbors. Meanwhile, Iran secretly builds a nuclear weapon -- and Obama's verification regime does nothing either to verify or hold accountable. The deal contemplates a three-month delay between Iranian objections to inspections and supposed sanctions "snapbacks" -- and even a "snapback" would require a new vote from the same countries now lifting sanctions, a dubious proposition at best.

The Democratic Party's latest kabuki theater involves allowing supposed pro-Israel allies like Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to vote against the deal, knowing that Obama already has the votes locked up to pass it. Obama acts angry, Schumer gets to look tough, and Israel feels the brunt of President Obama's Jew-hating displeasure all the same. Meanwhile, leftist Jews get to comfort themselves with the idea that Democrats split over the Iran deal -- and maybe, just maybe, President Obama has Israel's best interests at heart after all.


He doesn't. Neither do Democrats, or their leftist Jewish allies. President Obama's Iran deal will end in blood. And he won't be the only pathetic character in this drama with bloody hands.

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