Hillary’s Struggle to be Normal

Posted: Apr 17, 2015 10:39 AM

Hillary Clinton gets in a van a drives from New York to Iowa and somehow it’s all the media can talk about—but it’s what most Americans do. They load up their cars for a family road trip and yet, it’s not covered by the media.

Her attempt to be normal is humorous; she even made a pit stop for lunch at Chipotle—WOW! However, while at Chipotle she chose to be incognito and donned a pair of sunglasses. Let me get this straight, she wants to listen to everyday Americans but she doesn’t want to be seen or recognized at a normal place? Her fake and disingenuous attempt to be like average Americans is laughable and pathetic. Average Americans don’t make half a million dollars for a speaking engagement at a public university, nor do they make requests for first class flights and crudité. Life for the Clinton’s must be so hard.

On this “sham” of a normal road trip she has not shook more than two hands of “average” Americans, but when she does she is sure to post it to social media. Social media seems to be where Hillary Clinton does all of her engaging with America—after all that is where she launched her presidential bid. Every move Clinton makes appears robotic and controlled as though she doesn’t know how to engage with people without making it look like work.

Hillary has no understanding of what it is like to be an “average” American, which was exemplified when she made the ridiculous statement that she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House.

She is trying so hard to be normal that it’s painful to watch. Her campaign rollout has been full of anything but normal stories—but ones that you can expect from Hillary Clinton. She touts that she is on a “listening tour” to be with everyday Americans, yet she brings in political operatives and stages her “everyday” event goers.

Hillary already faces an uphill battle in her candidacy because of all the scandals that plague her, the easiest thing about her campaign should be retail politics, but alas her attempt is cold and scripted.

Hillary’s life is anything but normal, but yet the media glorifies everything that she does from driving in a van, to eating a burrito, to sipping a chai tea with people who were shipped in by her campaign staff. Here’s a word of advice for Hillary Clinton, it shouldn’t be that hard to be normal—but then again that would mean that she would have to actually want to relate to her fellow citizens. The best part is the race for 2016 has only just begun and already she is proving that she just doesn’t understand average Americans.