Glitches Galore

Posted: Feb 20, 2015 11:50 AM

Tsk tsk. Another day, another glitch. The Obama administration mandates that all Americans needs to have health insurance or else they will face a tax penalty starting at $95. Well, it has just been reported that has sent out over 800,000 incorrect tax forms to enrollees.

This report comes just days after the enrollment deadline had to be extended yet again because was experiencing significant glitches. Since the botched rollout of the website hasn’t improved much. Now, close to one million people will receive delayed tax refunds because of this glitch. As if filing taxes isn’t inconvenient and burdensome enough, now many Obamacare enrollees may have to resubmit their forms due to error.

Remember when Americans were told that Obamacare would be “affordable” and that it would be easy to enroll, it turns out that’s not the case—even Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare knew it. Not only were the American people lied to, but now they will face hassles when filing their taxes due to the Obamacare mandate.

It is time that the American public start holding this administration accountable. Clearly, has had significant problems and hasn’t been as user-friendly as was promised. When Obama was parading his Obamacare roadshow he even said that will be as user friendly as and other popular websites. Maybe we should ask all the celebrities that Obama enlisted as champions of Obamacare what they think of this latest glitch—but it is unlikely that any of them have enrolled in this wonderful program.

This isn’t where the Obamacare mess ends though, it’s just the starting line! For instance, it was reported that the state of California sent out over 100,000 incorrect tax forms to Obamacare exchange enrollees. Obamacare has been a headache for states as they try to maneuver through the bungled regulations and codes. It can be assumed that California will not be the only state exchange facing this problem. As April 15 nears, I’m sure we can expect similar reports of erroneous forms.

Obamacare has caused confusion for a lot of people already as they begin to file their taxes. If you file with a tax-preparation site like TurboTax, you can expect to see questions regarding your healthcare coverage including how many months of the year you’ve been covered. Clearly, the IRS was able to quickly make these changes to the filing system, so as to collect their penalty fees. So why is it that couldn’t quickly and accurately provide the correct tax forms to enrollees?

If the federal government is going to threaten penalties to Americans who don’t have health insurance, they should make darn sure that there are no errors on their end. Oh, but guess what, as of this morning President Obama has extended the enrollment deadline again! Maybe the American people should get extensions on their tax filings seeing as this administration continuously grants themselves extensions when it benefits their agenda. Enough with the extension of deadlines—it’s just a way to cover up this administration’s grievous mistakes