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About three weeks ago, I read the following article by John Seiler:

Advice for California Republicans: Audacity! Audacity! Always Audacity!

Finally, someone is reading my mind, sharing my sentiments. I would have made one change to the title: “Advice for All Republicans.”


The California Republican Party (and I would submit the RNC as a whole for the longest time) has continually chosen accommodation instead of confrontation.

For me, there is not enough fight in Sacramento, and Republicans are not grabbing enough of the headlines. Following President Trump’s victory, the rest of the RNC conference has learned to overcome the media and play offense.

But California Republicans are still playing defense, trying to look good and make nice. Consider this dual interview on ABC 7 between California GOP State Treasurer Mario Guerra and LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis. I have a lot of respect for Mario Guerra. He stands for family values. He is very attentive to the state tax measures hurting the working class.

But on the dais with Hilda Solis, Guerra spent a lot of time seeking common ground. He did not mention the millions of dollars that Solis and her colleagues are wasting to protect illegal aliens instead of fighting for California's citizens. There were plenty of chances for Guerra to slam and shame Solis' failing policies.

On the other hand, State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Menifee) excoriated her colleagues for their anti-Trump resolutions from December. She just introduced legislation to turn California into a Second Amendment "shall issue" state. What a great, daring policy!


This past week, State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Long Beach, Garden Grove) stood her ground on the floor to denounce the uber-leftist husband of Hanoi Jane Fonda, deceased State Senator Tom Hayden. Check out the video clip here.

State Senator Nguyen spoke out against the atrocities of the Vietnam War. She also criticized the late Senator Tom Hayden for his opposition to the Vietnam war, which lead to the deaths of many more Vietnamese. The presiding officer, the officious State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) ruled her out of order, then directed the Sergeants at Arms to remove her. It was a shameful display, exposing the dictatorial arrogance of California Democratic Party. Nguyen’s speech is the kind of audacity we need to see from California Republican representatives.

Check out Assemblyman James Gallagher's vocal opposition to anti-First Amendment Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Assemblyman Travis Allen's boldly exposed a misguided law which decriminalized child prostitution, despite media onslaughts defending the law. But the truth is that this legislation essentially legalized the ongoing exploitation of children on California's streets. More Californians—and Americans!--should celebrate State Senator Joel Anderson's drive to end sanctuary cities. This initiative should have happened last year, but better late than never.


This is the kind of audacity that Republicans need in Sacramento.

One section of John Seiler's article summed up the new spirit of Republican audacity in California, which is already sweeping the rest of the country:

If Donald Trump’s victory has taught Republicans across the land anything, it’s to follow Danton’s cry to the Assembly (the French one, not the one in Sacramento): Audacity! Audacity! Always Audacity!

Donald Trump did not shy away from conflict and controversy. That's wrong. Californians need to stop being afraid of the press or the hatred of the liberal media. They are going to denounce conservatives, anyway, so why should we care? Besides, Trump has trounced the media so savagely, that no one listens to them or believes what they say anymore.

Seiler than slammed the weak-kneed GOP phalanx Dole-McCain-Romney, which lead to the wimpification of the CAGOP. Republicans in Sacramento act like weak beta males who don't take the first step and ask the girl out.


Republicans in California and across the country should learn a difference from the Prop 187 situation. Californians of all backgrounds and large numbers supported cutting off all benefits to illegal aliens—Hispanic, Black, Asian, as well as Caucasian voters. The initiative received 59% of the vote, more than Governor Pete Wilson’s re-election bid.


After reviewing Wilson's record, it was pretty substantive how much he caved and accommodated the Democratic agenda in Sacramento. Like Republicans today,   he and other Republican governors stressed “working together”—i.e. doing what Democrats wanted—rather than focusing on long-term conservative solutions and refusing to back down from that agenda. Wilson needed Prop 187 for his re-election bid. To this day, Wilson stands by his support for that law.

The media lies when they claim that California Republicans alienated Hispanic voters. Wrong! Republicans used the law to prop up their election bids, but stopped there. When the arrogant federal judge struck down the initiative, they GOP wimped out. They should have pressed for impeachment and removal of that arrogant judge!

Seiler then reminds readers that Cesar Chavez opposed illegal immigration, and pressed on his UFW members to report illegals to ICE.

When will Republicans start celebrating Chavez? Imagine the shockwaves breaking out across state of California if Republicans championed this labor leader … because he supported secure borders and opposed amnesty.

Here's another issue that Republicans can champion, until recently ignored by the major parties: housing.  WOW! What a concept. The problem is that the Republicans are not actively fighting for this need.


Seiler then listed other wining issues for California Republicans:

  1. Cut taxes massively
  2. Cut bureaucracy and waste
  3. Redo unfair trade deals
  4. Rebuild the infrastructure 
  5. Reform welfare,
  6. End “environmental” restrictions
  7. Bring back good manufacturing jobs

A theme of standing out, fighting back, and making a difference stands out. With California Republicans back to a super-minority status, the temptation is great to slink back and play nice, or give up entirely. Not me, and I hope that California Republican elected officials step out of their shell and fight back. Even if Republicans lose, they can go down with all flags flying.

What do we have to lose? And I submit that California Republicans have a great deal to gain!

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