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I used to love watching the Sunday Morning Talk Shows.

This Week with George Step-on-all-of-us.

Meet the Press (Greet the Dems).

In Los Angeles, I could watch News Conference with Conan Nolan (who played nice with everyone, especially the Democrats who dominate our tarnished Golden State).


Fox News Sunday was particularly worth the wait (and the watch). Chris Wallace is pretty fair and balanced, I think. I also trusted George Will to ask all the hard questions and not worry about making Republicans—as well as Democrats—really angry.

This past weekend, I remember why I have boycotted them.

All I heard about was “Russia, Russia, Russia.” UGH!

Of course, this batty insanity is not a new thing.

Trump Derangement had already ruined the Sunday Morning Circus …. I mean circuit.

These guys were obsessed with every thought word, deed, finger-wag of the Donald.

Even before I was a full-throated endorser of Trump (and not just because He was Not-Hillary), it really disturbed me how focused, entrenched, and enchanted the media had become with Trump.

Sure, they need the ratings, and he brings in the viewers like no one else. The general election debates deserved the high ratings they pulled in. After all, who doesn’t want to see Crooked Hillary getting called out on her crap?

Yet the fixation on Trump took another dark turn throughout the general election season. From pundit to talking head, the tongues were wagging about Russia’s inordinate influence in our election.

The media loved to draw a love-fest parallel between Trump and Putin, as though they were two autocrats who would hold hands and bulldoze the world, civil rights and old.

Some of Trump’s campaign team dropped out because of supposed ties to Russia


Granted, there are plenty of reasons to fear Russia. Their aggressive “President” Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea, invested in Iran, and intervened in the Middle East.

But have we forgotten that this country has the GDP of Los Angeles County? How many Russians can rub two rubles together to get through the week? And to top things off, the Russian government has censored religious groups, and outlawed evangelism in the country—all in the name of counter-terrorism?

But hey, don’t blame me for noticing Vladimir Putin, who puts his money where he is mouth is (even if it’s someone else’s). Why did major magazines recognize him as an influential figure, more influential even than our current President?

His rhetorical strain of nationalism appealed to many in this country, who are hungry for America-loving leadership. Barack Obama has taken every opportunity to shame Americans and our down-to-earth values. Putin is proud to be a Russian. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who is proud to be an American? Nationalism is very much in vogue, especially when it determines the difference between a secure border and living citizenry vs. a globalist idealism which disdains the collateral damage, i.e. lost jobs, lost international prestige, and lost lives (here and abroad.)

Putin’s timely awareness about national identity and cultural integrity cannot be ignored, either. His speech to parliament featured this little treasure: “Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws.  Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges.”


Whether Putin actually delivered these remarks are not, they are attributed to him, and Americans by and large want their President to abide by them.

But still, why does the press go nuts and draw up stark lines from Moscow to D.C. by way of Trump Tower? Oh, yeah: Trump once said that he liked Vladimir Putin.

Yep. He’s a card carrying Communist!

Trump also donated to a lot of Democratic campaigns in the past. I could not care less at this point, since he beat down a corporately corrupt kleptocratic Clinton clan. His appointments indicate a clear desire to accomplish good and Make America Great Again.

No, little press agents. Trump is not a stooge of the Kremlin.

So, who cares about Russia?

The media do, see above.

Once again, I had to watch this nonsense from one Sunday program to the next. They are fanatical about this. It’s unbelievable. But why? What is really going on?

They refuse to concede their candidate—and the leftist agenda pushing the national programming—tanked, and big time.

#FakeNews is definitely a thing, and signals the lasting, though weakening, gasps of the Democratic Party’s militantly media-industrial complex trying to shore up its influence and integrity.

And so the morning litany bellowed forth:

It was the Russians who hacked the Democratic National Committee’s emails.

It was the Russians who have been pulling strings to falsely induce the American voters to vote for Trump.

It’s the Russians’ fault that Donald Trump has taken on the autocratic veneer of a euro-nationalist thug.


Actually … no.

Julian Assange drip, drip, dripped the Wikileaks. Yes, he hacked away at the Democratic Party’s servers. But honestly, if the Democratic Party had not been up to no good, they wouldn’t have had anything to hide in the first place?

Wikileaks flooded the news cycle with truth like a wicked washing machine taking out the stains in the most soiled cloth one can imagine.

The Russian hysteria is Fake News on steroids, a stinging and laughable refrain that the media as we know it is dead, and that a new media, a consortium of average joes who can report the news bigger, faster stronger and better have discredited and marginalized the press, radio, and TV which had lulled us into complacency.

This Russia Complex is just one more reason why We the People won with Donald Trump, and will be telling the Sunday Morning Madness “Dasvidaniya!”

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