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WikiLeaks is doing what the mainstream media was supposed to be doing.

The role of the press is to:

  1. Serve as watchdog for our local/federal elected officials.
  2. Inform readers to know what’s going on in the cultural as well as the political realm.
  3. Generate an awareness of our country, states, and cities.
  4. Get us mad about anything going wrong, and enough to do something about it.

Wow, silly me!

Today, I recognize how much the Big Three—ABC, CBS, and NBC—have turned into a softer version of the Soviet Union’s Pravda.

Bill Clinton could rape a woman on camera live, and the press would spin it.

Todd Akin defends an unborn baby, and his comment as listed as an A-list scandal, right down there with Anthony Weiner’s weenie on Twitter. The same creepy New York Congressman turned failed New York City mayoral candidate still can’t keep his private life (and parts) off social media, and faced investigation from the Department of Child Services for his lewd pics with his child.

Where’s the outrage?

George W. Bush could rescue kittens and stop global hunger, and the press would still mock his accent and chant “Bush Lied. People Died.” Barack Obama promises you can keep your doctor and health plan with Obamacare, that our economy is strong, and ISIS is on the run.

Uh … nope!

Point of fact … it was WikiLeaks that vindicated George W. Bush. Not only did he not lie about the weapons of mass destruction, but armed forces actually found them throughout Iraq. Not one apology from the Democratic hatemongers or the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, etc.

Of course, pesky things like facts, data, and logic have never prevented the press from spinning its own myths to create a narrative and advance an illiberal agenda. Democrats frequently fall back on the media to cover for (rather than simply cover) their failures. During his last term in office, former Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles/South Bay) intervened to save key departments of the Los Angeles Times, since the paper had served as the left-wing cheerleader for progressive Democrats throughout the region!


Besides the biased print media, here in Los Angeles, we also have our local morning shows like News Conference with Conan Nolan. (I’ll rant about the national talk shows next). The staggering lack of accountability they exhibit toward Democratic lawmakers, particularly legislative leaders and their executive counterparts, is staggering and saddening, although no longer surprising.

For example, California has a record teacher shortage--again. Instead of going after Democratic leaders like Senate President Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) for their corrupt, destructive collusion with labor unions like the teachers associations, News Conference host Conan Nolan lets them slide with “We need to hire more teachers.”

They never corner lawmakers about the long-term damage waged by excessive taxation on revenue streams or illegal immigration on our public schools. More illegal students demand more resources, and the schools cannot turn them away.

When legislators like my state senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) show up to defend forcing parents to vaccinate their children for public school enrollment, despite religious exemptions, moderator (or enabler?) Nolan indicated little outrage about First Amendment rights or the violation of freedom of conscience. Why are there so many communicable diseases in public schools, anyway? (Hint: See above).


This Sunday, Chuck Todd was discussing the presidential race with Nolan. Instead of mutual fact-finding about both major party candidates, they were groping (pun intended) for more ways to implicate Donald Trump in tawdry private behavior.

Pivot to Chuck Todd’s national program Meet the Press.

More about the groped women who sound, look, and seem to be groping for national attention. The counter-media has routinely exposed that the latest allegations against Trump have witnesses to discredit the alleged behavior. Some of these women are high-end Democratic operatives and donors, too. Don’t you think the mainstream media would be the least bit interested in investigating this clear conflict of interest? Whatever happened to objective, professional journalism? Jake Tapper has offered some shock and awe. A little louder, there, Jake!

To top it off, Todd sat down with another Democratic official to get his take on these “scandalous accusations.” Who?

Vice President Joe Biden.

Has anyone seen the photos, the photo-ops, or just about anything else this guy does in front of the camera? Biden drapes his arms, hands, lips on nearly every woman he meets! Do we really want Creepy Uncle Joe’s take on sexual assault against women? Really?! His too-close-for-comfort cloying around US Senator Chris Coons’ daughter was borderline criminal. Why not ask Bill Clinton for his advice on a lasting, fulfilling marriage … or Hillary Clinton’s commitment to public integrity while we’re at it?


While the drips at the Big Three, CNN, and the major newspaper establishment report non-stop garbage about Trump, WikiLeaks has dropped bombshells blowing open Clinton the woman, the political operative, and public official:

1. She despises average Americans.

2. She intended to take over the Catholic Church with a regressive agenda destroying the basic Biblical foundations of morality.

3. She did indeed give the stand-down order to prospective security forces to go to Benghazi.

4. She resolutely hid her illnesses from the public.

5. The Clinton Foundation is running afoul of tax laws (and yet the IRS harasses law-abiding conservatives and voter integrity projects like True the Vote).

6. Clinton and Company discussed the propriety of taking foreign donations for the Clinton Foundation.

My God? Where’s the Millennial version of Bob Woodward when you need him?

Woodward himself got stabbed in the back when he took steps to unravel the Obama Administration’s false narrative that sequestration was hurting the economy in 2013!

Everyone I talk to, whether young or old, in the South Bay has accepted the sickening reality that the corporate media is telling tales and selling clicks per ad rather than reporting the truth.

Ugh! Please, WikiLeaks, wash away this dirty corrupt media for good!



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